Editor's note: We thought these tips were great for anyone not just those who were stranded during Atlanta's Snowmegadden of 2011!

As temperatures remain freezing across the state, many Georgians are experiencing cabin-fever on their third day working from home. Since the roads may be icy through the end of the week, The Clean Air Campaign has some telework tips for the stranded:


  1. Start with a plan: Make a list of things to do throughout the day and include a timeline to help you stay focused.
  2. Stay organized: Keep your work space free of the clutter that tends to build up at home, like mail, games, magazines, homework, etc.
  3. Stay connected: Make sure that you are easily accessible by phone, e-mail and/or instant messaging. Touch base with your teammates and supervisor to inform them of your progress.
  4. Check your email: Even if you don't have full VPN access, you may be able to accomplish a few smaller tasks and stay connected to co-workers and clients by checking webmail - or your smartphone, if you have access to one.
  5. Minimize distractions: Avoid working in a noisy spot or in front of the TV. If you have kids home from school, plan ahead by scheduling games, activities and movies to keep them engaged while you telework and make snacks and meals the night before.
  6. Charge up: Make sure you keep up the charge in your cell phone and laptop so you can continue to work even if you temporarily lose power.

For those that are considering making telework a part of their biz continuity plan and regular work routine can turn to The Clean Air Campaign for support and resources to implement a telework program at their office. Additional information about teleworking can be found at cleanaircampaign.org or check out the advice that The Clean Air Campaign’s Elham Shirazi, a recognized expert on teleworking, offers on telework.