One of the first features you notice about a room is its flooring. Bamboo is a popular choice, and not just because of its warmth and durability - it’s one of the greener options when refurbishing your house.

Bamboo flooring comes in three varieties – horizontal, vertical and woven. It’s generally available in two shades; natural (light brown) and deep caramel. Although it needs to be imported from Asia, it’s worth the effort because of the numerous environmental benefits.


Ecological Facts

When it comes to being environmentally considerate, bamboo is one of the greenest options around. It’s an easily renewable resource, and produces a very high yield of fiber per acre. Once you compare it to hardwood, which can take between 20 to 100 years to fully mature, its propagation is very simple. As a result of this, planting and replenishing expenses are minimal.

Consider some of the additional advantages:

  • It regenerates organically after harvest
  • Bamboo takes four to six years to mature
  • Some varieties of bamboo grow up to 100cm per day, depending on the climatic conditions
  • The crop requires very little irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides

The main environmental concerns when it comes to bamboo flooring are the import costs and the amount of fuel used to get it delivered. As a favorable option in the ecological sector, this crop is far ahead of its competitors when compared to other laminate materials. .

The Manufacturing Process

In addition to being the greener option, it’s also very gentle on your wallet. Bamboo floors can be sanded and refinished numerous times. During the manufacturing process, the fibers are made pliable and insect resistant. The flooring is then steamed under heat and pressure to give it that rich, woody look.

The process does soften the fibers, so the final product is not as hard as pinewood. Although some companies use laminate adhesives – which aren’t environmentally friendly – you can easily search for a manufacturer that doesn’t.

The Perks of Bamboo

When it comes to being environmentally aware, every little thing counts. Opting for eco-friendly flooring in your home is one of the easiest ways to use a renewable resource, thereby preserving oaks and trees. In addition, the rich golden glow that bamboo floors provide cannot be matched by laminates or vinyl.

Do yourself and the world a favor by investing in this economical and convenient option. With the versatility, price and performance of bamboo flooring, it would be quite a challenge to find another choice that’s this ideal. Many stores keep it in stock, so you won’t have to worry about ordering it or having it imported. In addition, it’s quick to install, easy to clean and keeps its sheen.

Consider lifespan, ecological advantages and cost before settling on an option. You should also make a point to think about whether the flowing will suit your house. The more you understand about the properties of the material, the more informed you’ll be when making a buying or maintenance decision.