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Soil Health

“Feed the soil, not the plant” is a common expression among growers who understand that soil health is the foundation for sustainable farming. Healthy soil is rich in organic matter and alive with biological activity. Typical characteristics of fertile soil include:


Greenscape your yard for Fall

I have mentioned before that ‘greenscaping’ is the way to go if you care about the environment, want to have a great-looking yard, and want to save time and money too. I love a beautiful landscape, but I am really not crazy about spending all my free time working in the yard. I would rather spend more time enjoying it. One of the real pluses about greenscaping is that it is not only great for the environment, it also reduces your yard work. By planning well, greenscaping puts nature to work for you in your yard. Just a reminder: here are the five steps for entering the world of greenscaping:


Grow Local: Oakhurst Gardens

Metro-Atlanta is home to over 150 community gardens on public and private land. People from all over the city come together to grow fresh, healthy vegetables. In the process, they demonstrate that the local food movement is also about growing it yourself, in the company of neighbors.


Industrial Strength Small Business

Originally Aired on November 11, 1:00pm-2:00pm

We will learn from three entrepreneurs who are finding success in an industrial capacity.


Mike Kiernan is co-fouPanel Built Logonder of Panel Built, Inc. with his brother Pat Kiernan.  Panel B. was started in 1995 in the small mountain town of Blairsville, GA.Panel Built designs, sells, manufactures and installs modular buildings for industry, commercial and military around the United States.


CJB Industries LogoClinton Beeland founded CJB Industries, Inc. in 1997 and currently serves as its President.Today, CJB Industries, Inc., located in Valdosta, GA, has 76 employees and manufactures products for a variety of industries and markets.


President/Founder John Noel has been in the energy efficiency field for over 10 years. E&E LogoHis company has completed hundreds of lighting retrofits and energy audits in over 30 states.  After starting his career at IllumElex Corporation selling lighting maintenance and retrofit services, Mr. Noel formed Energy & Environment when IllumElex closed its Atlanta operations.


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Green Shoots Throughout Georgia

Originally aired on December 2, 1:00pm-2:00pm


Crane Creek Vineyards sits high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia in the shadow of Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest peak.  The unique microclimate–a combination of warm, dry summer days, cool mountain nights and well-drained mineral soils–allows Crane Creek to cuCraltivate and harvest grapes suitable for complex wines with fresh, assertive aromas and concentrated flavors. Crane Creek is a family run business in the truest sense of the word. Eric Seifarth, a native of Atlanta, spent much of his early life traveling the world- first with his family, and then as a U.S. Army officer. A significant portion of his military career was spent in Northern Italy where he developed his appreciation and style for wine growing.


President Tom Carroll is the 4th generation Carroll to helm  Sunset Farm Foods. Sunset Farm Foods began in 1918 when W.W. Carroll starting selling beef to a gSunset Farms Logorocery in Valdosta, Ga. Presently, they serve the retail and food-service sectors in the southeast US with a variety of sausage and ham products.  They also produce under private label arrangements and make products for further processing such as sliced sausage pieces.Their pride in the quality of products is reflected in the fan mail received over the years. The plant, which employs 82, is located on the same 11 acres of land purchased in 1932.


White Oak Pastures is a multigenerational family farm that cooperates with nature to produce healthy, safe, nutritious and delicious artisan products. Care is given to ensure that all production practices are economically practical, ecologically sustainable, and that animals are always huWhite Oak Pastures Logomanely treated. White Oak Pastures never falters in their determination to conduct business in an honorable manner for the sake of the animals, the land and the people who eat the products.  Will Harris, President, is a fourth generation cattleman who tends the same land that his great-grandfather settled in 1866. Born and raised at White Oak Pastures, Will left home to attend the University of Georgia’s School of Agriculture, where he was trained in the industrial farming methods that had taken hold after World War II.  Will made the decision to return to the farming methods his great-grandfather had used 130 years before.

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