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Should You Build A DIY Solar Panel?

Do-It_Yourself Solar

Don’t buy any materials for the solar panels just yet. Building your own solar panel might seem like a good way to save money but I would like to make you aware of a few misconceptions before you commit to this process.


Not all solar panels are made equal: Chances are you will be purchasing your solar panels off eBay or amazon. I am here to tell you that what you are buying are not quality top end solar panels. Much to your horror when you open the package what you will find, are a variety of solar panels with most of them smashed up in either big or little pieces. These are the beauties you just scored for an awesome price right?


5 Solar Innovations that’ll Help Save the Planet

The Earth with Solar TipsMankind has been given a free ride by planet Earth since the dawn of civilization. Well, the ride’s about to end. We are running out of natural resources that we have depended upon for over a century. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time for a new game plan. If we want to survive as a species we have to find alternative means of energy. And that energy needs to be clean, because our ozone layer can’t take a beating from fossil fuels anymore. Solar energy happens to be our best bet. Here are a few solar innovations that will guarantee a bright future for humanity and planet Earth.


Solar Inverters: Solution For All Your Energy Needs

Trapping sunlight with its array of solar panels, solar inverters ushers in the method of harnessing limitless renewable energy. It helps in regulating the power grids that we use and augments our energy resources. There is no waste material produced. One may also produce limitless amount of power since there is no cutoff value for this.


Amazing Facts About Solar Energy

Amazing Solar Energy FactsWith 'going green' being such a pressing concern among businesses, politicians and activists at the moment, we currently hear a lot about solar energy and about its benefits. The sun provides a renewable and almost limitless source of energy that is freely available to everyone, and as we can harness that energy why aren't we already using that to end our reliance on fossil fuels?


Solar Power Group Purchasing Will Change How We View The Solar Industry

Wouldn't it be nice if we could afford to save money on the energy we use? That question sounds like an oxymoron, but in terms of the bottom line, that's the dilemma we face when we think about how we can cut our non-renewable energy use and save money on our monthly utility bills.

Solar power has always seemed like a great idea—for somebody else. As consumers, we want to be environmentally conscious, but despite our best intentions, green power like solar has always been a financial impracticality for most of us—it has been beyond our reach.


4 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Solar Panels

A home with solar panels may sound appealing to a homeowner. This may be because of the look of an ultra-modern home or an independence from utility companies. They are also the best way to show that the home is eco-friendly. Deciding to add solar panels to a home may sound exciting, but this is not the type of task to undertake without a proper plan. Research of the problems and issues faced by others will be the best way to achieve a successful outcome.


Solar Energy: Is It Right For Your Home?

Solar power has emerged over the past decade as a viable component of many residential dwellings. Homeowners look to solar installations as a way to save money through tax-incentives and reduced electric bills, as well as a way to lessen their reliance on traditional energy sources. Any consideration of adding solar to your home needs to evaluate a variety of factors that influence the design, installation, and economic benefits of such a system.


Benefits Of Solar Power Over Wind Energy

Two of the best alternative energy sources that man can still make use of are Solar Power and Wind Energy! How many countries out there have extreme weather conditions wherein you will see that most of the settlements can be found in the outer limits of the country, specifically the shorelines. What happens then to the interior areas of the country? They are the less densely populated and inhabited areas. On the other hand, some countries enjoy one source over another because of their climate and location. For example, Scotland's northern islands. Why? Because of its constant overcast weather condition, it gets very little daylight which make it a poor candidate for solar power. The other smart alternative is setting up a wind farm for these turbulent areas.


Solar Power – Hows, Whys and Have Tos

Solar PanelsSolar energy is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy in the world. Why is it so popular? Well it’s pretty exciting to think that after the equipment is installed that the creation of future energy is going to be free.

The creation of solar is quite simple. Technology uses the power of the sun in multiple ways to either create direct energy or convert that energy to create another form of energy. There are several ways solar can be harvested: solar thermal, solar mirrors or the most common and widely available, solar photovoltaic. Solar photovoltaic, also known as solar PV, is the technology that uses a system of cells that are used to make panels which are then mounted in a variety of ways to collect sunshine. For the purpose of this article the discussion of PV will be the focus.


5 Benefits Of Solar Panels

With the state of the environment and economy of the world, certain elements are becoming very problematic. The world has become very dependent of fossil fuels and this is causing serious issues in the government, economy, and environment. Today, more and more people are beginning to incorporate green technology and innovations into their homes. They are doing so to help save their planet and to teach their children how to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. Fortunately, with the use of solar panels, many homeowners are seeing enormous benefits that are not only affecting them and their families, but also the entire planet.


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