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What's it like to have a Grandfather who changed the World?

John A. LanierJohn A. Lanier joined the Ray C. Anderson Foundation as Executive Director in May 2013. Serving in this role has been an immense honor for him, and he feels privileged to work with his family to advance the legacy of Ray, his grandfather. Prior to joining the Foundation, Lanier was an associate attorney with Sutherland, Asbill and Brennan, LLP, specializing in U.S. Federal taxation. He represented the interests of various Atlanta-based nonprofits, gaining experience in nonprofit formations, compliance and applications for recognition of tax-exempt status.


Telling the Stories of Solar

Stories of Solar

Too often, solar power gets caught up in detailed policy debates and it can be easy to lose sight of the real people who could benefit from more solar in our region: families, farmers, businesses, schools, faith congregations, non-profit organizations, and communities.


What do tequila, cars and sustainability have in common?

Debbie Mielewski  Research Scientist and Farm to Car MavenFord has been leading the way in regards to finding sustainable farming products to replace fossil fuel intensive products. Through collaboration and progressive thinking, Ford has been working with new partners and seasoned corporations like Coca-Cola to develop new plastics that are friendly for their products and the environment too. It might want to make drink more tequila so you can drive a ford with agave fibers in it!


The Sun Shines in Florida, so Why so Little Solar?

The Sun Shines in Florida, so Why so Little Solar?Today we will talk to reknowned Southern energy expert Stephen A. Smith, DVM who is the Executive Director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE). Dr. Stephen A. Smith has 30 years of experience effecting change for the environment and has been leading SACE since 1993. SACE is a not-for-profit working to promote responsible energy choices that create global warming solutions and ensure clean, safe and healthy communities throughout the Southeast. SACE has grown to be a premier voice for energy efficiency and renewable energy issues in the region.


Your health is not about Luck

Sam Wolf is the Founder and Chief Wellness Spreader at LuckyVitaminSam Wolf, Founder and Chief Wellness Spreader

Sam Wolf is the Founder and Chief Wellness Spreader at LuckyVitamin, a family operated branded global e-commerce destination for affordable natural health and wellness products. Sam takes pride in spreading wellness by leading the LuckyVitamin team as they work to provide customers with the best natural products, health information, outstanding service and shopping experience supporting their wellness journeys. Sam graduated from American University Kogod School of Business with a B.S. in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, and e-Commerce. Sam comes from three generations of family dedicated to helping people lead healthy lives. It started in a pharmacy, transformed into a dynamic health foods store, and then exploded into an online movement. Sam is an avid runner and technology enthusiast who enjoys traveling, cooking healthy food, and exploring the outdoors.


Protecting Bees and Pollinators with Kim Eierman

Kim Eierman is the founder of EcoBeneficial!Kim Eierman is the founder of EcoBeneficial!  She is an Environmental Horticulturist specializing in ecological landscapes and native plants. Kim teaches at the New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Native Plant Center in NY, Rutgers Home Gardeners School and several other institutions.  She is an active speaker on many ecological gardening topics, presenting at industry conferences, garden clubs, nature centers, Audubon Society chapters, beekeeping groups, and other organizations interested in environmental improvements.  Kim also provides horticultural consulting to homeowners and commercial clients.


Florida's Climate Change Litmus Test

Mr. Bart Bibler is an environmental engineer, a Professional Engineer in Florida. He has worked in renewable energy policy, sales of solar power, and water management policy. He has worked in the private sector, within public agencies, and for non-profit organizations. He is currently employed by Simpler Solar Systems of Tallahassee.  He previously worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, but got in trouble for talking about Climate Change on an interagency conference call. He recently established, affiliated with, the world’s largest Climate Change Movement. And, he has initiated the Climate Change Litmus Test.


USAgain and again and prevent filling up the landfill with clothes

Mattias Wallander has been the CEO of USAgain since 2000. From the company’s inception in 1999, USAgain has expanded into a nationwide network of over 12,000 clothing recycling sites in 16 states. Mr. Wallander recognizes the environmental significance of reducing textile waste not least for the global warming impact of textiles. His goal is to elevate textile recycling to the level of glass, paper and plastic, and to eventually achieve zero textile waste. With his team at USAgain, Mr. Wallander is currently developing solutions for increasing textile diversion from 15% to 75% through increased consumer convenience and accessibility.


How to pick the right solar for your home or business

Vikram Aggarwal is the founder and CEO of EnergySage, the online solar marketplace. EnergySage simplifies the process of researching and shopping for solar, making the experience as easy as booking a flight online by introducing price transparency across suppliers and enabling apples-to-apples comparisons of solar systems, pre-screened installers and financing options, EnergySage is demystifying prices and shortening the buyer’s information-gathering phase. As a result, consumers are empowered to make quicker, more informed purchasing decisions about solar panels that specifically meet their individual needs, while also saving as much as 20% on the cost of their systems. Vikram founded EnergySage after more than fifteen years with a major global financial services leader, specializing in private equity investing and strategy consulting – because he recognized that solar panels were not only great for the environment, but also a low volatility, low risk financial product that could enable businesses and homeowners to save on their monthly energy bills as well as generate income over time. Vikram holds master’s degree in business administration and is a CFA charter holder.


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