Southeast Green - Business depends on the environment and the environment depends on business

Greening Hospitals The largest energy users are going green

We will be speakng to Anna Gilmore Hall, RN. She is with WESTON Sustainable Healthcare Services. Responsible for leading WESTON’s sustainable healthcare initiative. Serves as national spokesperson and corporate asset on healthcare sustainability. Leadership role in forging connections among divese sustainability stakeholders and building consensus for action.


Jeff Gowdy - Gowdy Consultation

Lowering environmental impact while improving financial impact equals better business is today's topic. We'll talk to Jeff Gowdy of Gowdy Consultation in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeff's consulting firm provides a unique perspective to making the business world smarter through sustainability.



What we lose if the transportation referendum fails

Ashley Robbins, social media maven of the Liviable Communities Coalition discusses what Metro Atlanta will lose if the the transportation referendum does not pass. It's more than you think.

Meet the creator of the #tia2012 hashtag and find out how the status quo of today's traffic woes will actually get worse if the transportation referendum doesn't pass.



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