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Speaking with Southface Executive Director Dennis Creech

One of the most valuable aspects of Southface is the abundant resources and services it provides to the community. Southface promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.


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This episode is sponsored by Verus Carbon Neutral.


Sustainable Energy Solutions with Hannah Solar

Hannah SolarWant to reduce your exposure to growing costs or improve operational efficiencies? Got an interest in green sustainable strategies and technologies that reduce their carbon ‘footprint’, and greenhouse gas emissions? Many Americans are now recognizing that we may be falling behind countries who are aggressively adapting sustainable strategies and practices. Hannah Solar ( is responding to these concerns by creating individualized alternative energy solutions to fit identified needs and help meet sustainability goals on a corporate or personal level. Peter Marte, CEO and Founder of Hannah Solar, LLC, tells how Hannah Solar remains a leading developer and integrator of alternative energy.



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Our Green Value - Green Basics to Business Growth and Sustainability

From green basics to business growth and sustainability. Our Green Value is here to help you learn, grow and share. Paula Collins, Our Green Value's Principal and Cofounder, discusses how everyone benefits when we become more green focused in our personal business and social world.

Please note: Our Green value is no longer in business but there is still plenty of good tips to pick up from this episode of Speaking of Green.


Determine Your Carbon Footprint With Verus Carbon Neutral

Learn how you can contribute to the future of the planet! Eric Taub, Founder and CFA of Verus Carbon Neutral, discusses how we can translate our carbon footprints into dollar values by reducing or completely offsetting CO2 emissions. Verus Carbon Neutral supplies businesses, individuals and organizations with a tangible way to communicate their commitment to improving the environment.


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