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Atlanta Mayoral Candidate: Cathy Woolard

Atlanta City Council Predient, Cathy WoolardThe Atlanta Mayoral race is heading into the home stretch. With nine candidates, it's a large field of many ideas and voices. The question that needs to be asked by the Atlanta sustainability community is who has the best vision for the leadership Atlanta has had nationally? We all know that without a full commitment to the legacy created by the last two administrations that we could fall behind. 


Fashion and Recycling go hand in hand in Georgia

Kim Falkenhayn, President of Oka-BOka-B is more than a shoe, it’s a lifestyle.  At Oka-B, we believe fashion and comfort should never be  mutually exclusive.  Look effortlessly chic while running through the airport in our sandals.  Conquer the boardroom or the PTA meeting in our flats and wedges.  Explore new wonders in our flops flips.

Learn how a mind for fashion and sustainability, changed how we wear shoes.


New Report Faults Biomass Greenwashing Scheme

Adam Macon, Dogwood Alliance

Adam Macon is the Program Director at Dogwood Alliance. He joined the organization in 2014 and since that time has successfully elevated the Our Forests Aren't Fuel campaign to international prominence, and has been instrumental in supporting the development of an international and regional network pushing back against a growing biomass industry. As a leading spokesperson for Dogwood he has been featured in media around the world, including on the BBC, French TV, Science Magazine, Politico and various other regional, national and international media outlets.


A Wooly Solution to A Hairy Challenge

Andrew Legge of Havelock WoolHavelock Wool was established to address the increased consumer demand amongst those seeking a healthier lifestyle and environment. Wool insulation manages moisture while improving indoor air quality by absorbing harmful chemicals; wool should be a part of every green building project - commercial or residential.


Keeping the Cleaning Industry Clean

Melissa Grande

The Cleaning Product Industry is changing the way it does boes business.

Melissa Grande is Associate Director, Sustainability Initiatives at the American Cleaning Institute (ACI). Since 2012, Melissa has served as a leader developing and supporting ACI’s Sustainability Programs and Sustainability Committee. She manages ACI’s annual Sustainability Metrics Collection Program, Charter for Sustainable Cleaning, and development of ACI’s biennial Sustainability Report. 


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