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Billy Hall of NewFields at Smart Water Solutions for Atlanta

Billy Hall of NewFields

Friday, October 26th, ended up being a very exciting day for Atlanta. Smith, Gambrell & Russell and NewFields convened an amazing group of water constituents from all sectors of water conversation: government, water utilities, electric utilities, rainwater harvesting businesses,  sustainability professionals, and non-profits both business and environmental. In a standing room only event, participants gathered to hear author Charles Fishman who wrote The Big Thirst and a panel of Atlantan leaders to discuss water here in Metro Atlanta. Southeast Green caught up with Billy Hall of Newfields after the presentation to discuss the event. To read the Tweet Diary from the event click here.


Big Ass Fans at EcoDenizen

Fans help you be more energy efficient. So why not install a Big Ass Fan? We talked to Gene Cox co-owner of EcoDenizen, a local Atlanta eco-friendly design and eco-lifestyle store located in Midtown Atlanta about why a Big Ass Fan makes big sense and cents.


Dexter White - Deputy Commissioner, Atlanta Public Works

Dexter White, City of Atlanta, Public Works announces CartAtlantaDexter White, Deputy Commissioner, Atlanta Public Works, speaks to Southeast Green about the new Cartatlanta recycling program. The goal is to distribute 65,000+ 96 gallon recycling bins so that every citizen in City of Atlanta limits will be able to recycle. The goal is to divert 50% of landfill deposits. The program will save the City half a million dollars annually after they payback the costs of the bins.


Kendal Crawford of Solar Solar Design & Development

Kendal Crawford - Solar Design & DevelopmentSolar Design & Development celebrated the 19 MW utility scale solar projects at the City Club of Buckhead. Having just completed the first of three projects that total 19MW a large crowd of supporters showed up to celebrate. We spoke to one of the partners, Kendal Crawford of Solar Design & Development to discuss the projects that are partnered with Georgia Power.


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