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Rev. Michael McClain discusses Eco-Justice and the African American Community

Rev. Michael McClain - EcoJustice in the African American CommunitySoutheastern Faith Sustainability Summit held in Atlanta brought faith leaders from around the Southeast to discuss strategy, faith and to inspire each other. Muslims, Jewish and Christian leaders shared successes and asked for feedback. One topic of particular importance was eco-justice and the African American community. Rev. Michael McClain from the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA spoke to Southeast Green to discuss the challenges that are particular to that community.


Vice Admiral McGinn - ACORE

Vice Admiral McGinn of ACORE (Vice Admiral McGinn) was a featured guest of the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference. Soundly making arguments for the need of renewable energy for the American Economy for financial, security and environmental reasons, spent a few minutes with Southeast Green discussing the conference.


Erin Brockovich - Environmental Hero

Erin Brockovich - Environmental HeroErin Brockovich has identified the Ogeechee River Fish Kill and it's other impending problems as a case that she might be able to lend her special attention. Her inspiring story, never get up attitude, spirit of collaboration and heart for environmental justice and human rights gives us all the hope that America's polluters need to find a better way to do business. It's not about shutting down business, it's about making sure businesses operate in way that honors the environment around them. Words to live by.


Diana Wedincamp - Ogeechee Riverkeeper

Diana Wedincamp - Ogeechee RiverkeeperDiana Wedincamp is leading the fight to protect the Ogeechee River safe. She is the Ogeechee Riverkeeper and has been educating, collaborating and organizing neighbors who have been effected by the King America Finishing Corporation's un-permitted discharges in the Ogeechee River which lead to the largest fish kill of 33,000.


Bob Bowcock, Environmental Investigator - Fluoride in Water

Bob Bowcock, Environmental Investigator for Erin BrockovichBob Bowcock is an Environmental Investigator who was in town with Erin Brockovich at the GreenLaw and Ogeechee Riverkepper. Bob will be investigating well water samples in South Georgia that are suspect of contamination from the King America Finishing Corporation but he brought another interesting topic to light about Fluoride in American Municipalities Drinking Water. Do you know what is in your drinking water?


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