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Toxic chemicals contaminate drinking water of 6 million in US

Firefighter using fire retardant foam to put out a jet fuel fire at an airport training facility in Boise Idaho USA.Research traces source from military bases to water to women’s bodies–and to the next generation

Cancer-causing highly fluorinated chemicals are polluting the drinking water of an estimated 6 million – and likely many more – Americans, and the blood of almost everyone.

For the first time, researchers have used sophisticated mapping technology to identify military bases, airports, industrial sites, and wastewater treatment plants as the major sources of contamination and to connect the dots from sources to drinking water and then to women’s blood.


Wild giraffe populations dwindling, Ranch sounds alarm

South Africa University of the Free State lecturer in wildlife management Dr. Francois Deacon collars a wild giraffe with a GPS tracking device. Collars and ear tags help Deacon silently follow wild giraffe in Africa to learn of habits that may be leading to their decline.Researchers and giraffe enthusiasts celebrate Texas Giraffe Day to honor giraffe twins, raise awareness of threats

May 10 marked the first Texas Giraffe Day, according to a Texas House of Representatives resolution adopted by Rep. Doug Miller last May to honor the rare giraffe twins born at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (NBWR), and to sound the alarm that wild giraffe are dying at a rapid pace.


18 Reasons Asheville is a Gateway for National Parks Centennial Adventures


Chase waterfalls and wildflowers in Asheville during the centennial celebrations of the National Parks Service, NC State Parks and Pisgah National Forest. With four access points to the Blue Ridge Parkway, multiple entry points to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park within 70 miles of downtown and six NC State Parks in daytrip distance, Asheville is the perfect gateway city for outdoor adventure. (Photo courtesy of Zips, Foraging and other Unforgettable Ways to Celebrate 100 Years of National and NC State Parks

The beauty of Asheville's mountain scenery is timeless, except for this year when it turns 100 years old. 2016 marks a century since the creation of the National Park Service, NC State Parks and Pisgah National Forest. Cradled in the Blue Ridge and steeped in cultural cool, Asheville is a convenient basecamp for centennial park adventures with:


New Model is First to Predict Tree Growth in Earliest Stages of Tree Life


Lance Vickers measures a tree diameter. Model can help forest managers better maintain forests by predicting which trees will survive

Land managers, forestry professionals and conservationists seek to predict how trees will grow so they can better manage existing forests and regrow forests after logging operations. Previous tree growth models can reasonably predict how trees grow once they are about 20 years old and achieve “crown closure” with the trees in the forest around them. Crown closure occurs when trees in a specific area grow wide and tall enough that their canopies connect. Now, University of Missouri researchers have created a new statistical model that accurately predicts tree growth from when they are first planted until they reach crown closure.


American retirement funds are destroying rainforests


Innovative new web tool empowers citizen investor action on deforestation

A new transparency tool, “Deforestation Free Funds,” shows which global mutual funds contain palm-oil-related holdings, the fastest growing cause of rainforest destruction today. Friends of the Earth and As You Sow created this free online database to allow individual investors, for the first time ever, to determine their links to tropical deforestation and land grabs. The tool then empowers investors to demand deforestation-free investment options and responsible policies from workplace retirement plan managers and major fund families.


Temperature helps drive the emergence of different personalities in spiders

Spider societies with diverse personalities enjoy success despite extreme temperature shifts

Like people, animals have personalities. And their personalities differ, sometimes hugely, on traits like shyness and aggressiveness. Among the big questions are where those differences come from, why they exist, and how they are maintained. Now researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have uncovered an unexpected benefit of these personalities: to protect societies from extreme temperature changes.


NRDC and Ad Council Launch New “Save the Food” National Public Service Campaign

Major National Campaign Directed at Reducing Wasted Food from Largest Source—Consumers—Aims to Help Save Money, Water & Energy

Major National Campaign Directed at Reducing Wasted Food from Largest Source—Consumers—Aims to Help Save Money, Water & Energy

The Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council launched “Save The Food,” a major national public service campaign to combat food waste from its largest source—consumers, who collectively waste more food than grocery stores, restaurants or farms. The initiative hopes to encourage consumers to reduce the amount of food they trash in their homes, thereby saving the water, energy and money that are lost along with it. Watch the TV ad here.

“As it turns out, we can’t blame the epidemic of food waste on our kids’ aversion to vegetables. We’re all culprits here, tossing out staggering amounts of food in kitchens nationwide,” said NRDC President Rhea Suh. “But with small steps, we can save large amounts of food —and along with it, money and precious natural resources. The more food we save, the more we can share with hungry Americans, the more we can reduce climate pollution, and the more water won’t go to waste.”


Feedback, Together With A Coalition Of Partners, Brings Popular Food Waste Awareness Festival To America To Take Food Waste #OffTheMenu

Feedback Global's Feeding 5000 held in Milan, Italy on October 10, 2015.  The event is designed to educate people on food waste and will provide 5,000 members of the public with a free feast, made entirely from fresh, top-quality ingredients that would have otherwise been wasted. Feedback's first ever #Feeding5000NYC event, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, will take place in Union Square, NYC on May 10, 2016 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.Partnership of NGOs, Civic Institutions, and Chefs Offer Free Lunch for 5,000 in #FEEDING5000

Recent research has revealed that the United States spends $218 billion a year growing, processing, and transporting food that is never eaten. Up to 63 million tons of perfectly edible food end up in American landfills each year – a terrifying number from a resource and greenhouse emissions perspective, but all the more galling in light of the roughly 49 million Americans who live in food insecure households.

In efforts to shed light on this critical issue and its tasty solutions, Feedback, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to ending food waste at every level of the food system, today announced its U.S. campaign, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and in partnership with a coalition of more than 40 like-minded organizations and chefs, to Take Food Waste #OffTheMenu.



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