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Yes To Beauty

So Will and I changed shampoo, conditioner, soap and my hair styling products. We are now using Yes To Carrots, a company that formulates many basic beauty products from natural ingredients.So Will and I changed shampoo, conditioner, soap and my hair styling products. We are now using Yes To Carrots, a company that formulates many basic beauty products from natural ingredients. They use more than just carrots as well. They have coconut, tomato, grapefruit and blueberry as well. They make things for acne prone skin and babies too. I love the way the products smell (they don’t smell like carrots or tomatoes) and even more so I love that we aren’t putting chemicals down the drain and into our septic system, thus into our ground, etc.


Our progress to Simple Green

Simple Green living, can it be done? Catch up with Valerie and WillI told you guys I would give you a review of our bed once we had time to test it out. We LOVE it! Will doesn’t have as bad aches and pains anymore and he feels more rested. I don’t have the pressure points anymore and I also feel more rested. In turn, I’m not so fatigued during the day and don’t need naps (unless I’ve stayed up late the night before). I’d most definitely recommend Loom & Leaf and Saavta to family and friends.


How to Save Energy and Water and Wallets

Energy effiency doens't have to be complicated hvac duct rework. There are plenty of small simple of steps to do without calling the contractor.One of the things we wanted to do was save energy and water and keep money in our wallet. This isn’t always an easy task and it’s taken some time but our electric bill runs about $125 a month in the Summer now. I’ve seen it higher than $150 before. Our water bill has been as high as $100 before as well. With things being slow at Will’s work it means his paychecks aren’t that great and we took a vacation about a month an a half ago and we haven’t even recovered from that yet because the staycation part of it was more than the vacation part of it. Anyhoo, so we’ve (mainly me because I do the bill paying) have implemented a few things to help with the monthly bills.


Say No to GMOs (and other nasty stuff)

Do you know what's in your food? GMOs, organic how can a simple housewife keep it all straight? Valerie Barber explores how access to a regular grocery store doesn't mean you can't try to shop organic.Will and I vowed to eat healthier. When we say healthier we really mean eating more natural, organic and non-GMO products. Thus, this leads to eating healthier foods in general like fruits and vegetables (yuck!). Don’t worry, I suck it up and eat the good stuff. Now, with that being said we have a house full of yucky stuff like high fructose corn syrup, chemicals and what not. Instead of throwing the old out, we are still eating it but we aren’t buying it again.


Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

Recycling at home, it can be confusing. Join Valerie Barber as she discovers as a housewife just exactly how much can be recycled.

So, one way Will and I want to help better the environment is recycling. We were already recycling bottles and cans in the kitchen but we always forget to recycle in the bathroom. So we made it a point to recycle more in both places and others around the house.

A Little Side Story

Will likes to grab a soda or energy drink (I know… I don’t want to hear it) before we leave the house to go shopping. It never used to bother me that he would throw away the can at the store before we walked in. However, now it bothers me when stores do not have a recycling can for things like this. I mean it is summer and it is hot here in Florida so people will be drinking things like juice, water, sodas and more. Also, for the record, I’ve gotten Will to drink healthier energy drinks. Yes, they do exist and there is a lot on the internet for healthy energy drinks made without caffeine and stuff we can’t even pronounce. That is a story for another day.


Building a "Green" Love Nest

Searching for the perfect "green" mattress can take weeks. Join Valerie Barber as she scopes them out. Pictured TempurPedicBuying a bed is worse than buying a house or a car. I’ve spent weeks and weeks looking, trying, researching, thinking and dreaming about beds. If we never have to buy a bed again, it will be too soon. Our innerspring, pillow top mattress is 10+ years old. Here are some of the things Will and I decided were important to us in buying a bed: no pressure points and better circulation.

We are side sleepers and we believe that part of Will’s tingling problems have to do with poor circulation. We toss and turn all night, wake up with stiff necks and Will snores because “the only comfortable position is on my back”. I can be on one side for 5 minutes then have to turn because of the pressure points on my hips. It hurts and it’s uncomfortable. So we started our search for a new mattress.


Our Journey to Better Living

After countless hours of watching documentaries such as Super Size Me, Unacceptable Levels, Years of Living Dangerously and others, my husband, Will and I have decided that living healthier for ourselves and the environment is now. This is our journey…



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