Stone is a natural product

Summer is the perfect time to learn about Mother Nature’s authentic product

Unless you studied geology, you may not be able to reel off the three main classifications of rock or know the difference between a quirt and a quoin. But, you likely inherently understand that the beauty and durability of natural stone holds strong universal appeal. You probably also intuitively know that the world’s oldest building product – natural stone – is the single most authentic and organic choice for both interior and exterior home applications. That’s because it’s been hand crafted by Mother Nature herself over thousands, and in some cases, millions of years.


Natural stone is beautiful in many settings The variety of stone available means it fits into all design styles Stone is also very durable

As many home owners prepare for the summer months, it’s the perfect time for consumers to learn about natural stone by visiting

“Not only does natural stone beautify a home exponentially, it is the responsible, environmental choice for upgrading any space,” said Jim Hieb, MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute, an industry association boasting 1,900 members in 58 countries. “With summer approaching for home upgrades and renovation, it’s the perfect time for people to visit our easy-to-navigate website to learn about a myriad of design options using natural stone for every application and budget, along with resources in their area.”

Natural stone is great for exteriors too Don't forget the back splash for your natural stone use

Whether granite, limestone, marble, sandstone or quartzite, each type of natural stone provides unique, natural qualities that can’t be found in manufactured stone. Here are just a few reasons why natural stone makes the cut for sustainability:

  • Stone is a natural product of the earth and doesn’t require other materials, chemicals or resources to create it. With quarries located within 500 miles of nearly any building site in the U.S., it’s easy to find natural stone locally or regionally for a wide variety of applications – reducing the carbon footprint for shipping and delivery.
  • Stone is durable, reducing the need to replace materials over time. Ancient monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Roman Coliseum prove that natural stone can stand even the toughest tests of time.
  • Stone offers easy care and maintenance, and will last for years if maintained properly. Most stones can be cleaned with mild dish soap and water, or eco-friendly cleaners that contain no harmful chemicals and won’t pollute the environment.
  • Stone is recyclable and can be used for many different purposes over its lifetime. Salvaging stone is a great option, and using recycled stone can eliminate the energy, water and other resources needed to generate new products from virgin or raw materials – mitigating the impact on ecosystems and resources.
  • Stone is quarried and manufactured sustainably. Advancements in technology, including improved methods of quarrying, extraction and fabrication, have led to more options and reduced costs for stone products. Conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste make the natural stone industry very eco-friendly.

These facts and more are available to consumers at, where they can also access a list of natural stones available from 100+ U.S. based quarries.

For dramtic modern design think ancient natural stone