Spa La La La La for Him - Natural Body Spa

We've got about a week to go and he's been so helpful and kind. As the holiday madness winds up, he's been your rock. Extra trips to the attic and the store, to help make sure he reduces your stress. Now's the time to pick up that one little extra for Him.

Our Natural Body Spa Exclusive deal for Him will work out all the kinks he's gotten from all the extra flurry. 


90 Minute Pain Relief Massage

A 90-minute pain relief massage gift card in store for $140.00 and receive a $25.00 voucher for products.

A trio of powerful anti-inflammatory Arnica products are utilized in this service, that will ease congested muscles and soothe painful strain.


Need another suggestion?

Check out these two other treatments for Him that will pamper her right:

Men's Club Retreat $218 2.5 hours and includes manicure

Pumpkin Body Scrub & Massage $135

Still need more options? Check out the specials page at Natural Body Spa. They are running multiple holiday specials.