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Building a "Green" Love Nest

Searching for the perfect "green" mattress can take weeks. Join Valerie Barber as she scopes them out. Pictured TempurPedicBuying a bed is worse than buying a house or a car. I’ve spent weeks and weeks looking, trying, researching, thinking and dreaming about beds. If we never have to buy a bed again, it will be too soon. Our innerspring, pillow top mattress is 10+ years old. Here are some of the things Will and I decided were important to us in buying a bed: no pressure points and better circulation.

We are side sleepers and we believe that part of Will’s tingling problems have to do with poor circulation. We toss and turn all night, wake up with stiff necks and Will snores because “the only comfortable position is on my back”. I can be on one side for 5 minutes then have to turn because of the pressure points on my hips. It hurts and it’s uncomfortable. So we started our search for a new mattress.


Our Journey to Better Living

After countless hours of watching documentaries such as Super Size Me, Unacceptable Levels, Years of Living Dangerously and others, my husband, Will and I have decided that living healthier for ourselves and the environment is now. This is our journey…


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