. We have been diligent about eating organic foods and trying to buy items from companies who support a better environment and better living. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve given an update. We have been diligent about eating organic foods and trying to buy items from companies who support a better environment and better living. It has become rather expensive because it is rare that there are coupons for anything organic or natural as well as rare to see these items on sale. We have also found that our local “healthy grocer” is WAY more expensive than Publix or Target or a regular grocery chain. Since our finances are low (off season at Will’s work), we tend to be careful about when and where we shop.


I had submitted my interest to Publix about putting their Greenwise stuff on sale and I have seen more USDA Organic items on sale since my request so that does help ease the financial pain. I really don’t know why organic has to be more expensive than the non-organic stuff. You would think less chemicals = cheaper but on the flip side you have the whole “supply and demand” thing.

My mom and I went to our local Farmer’s Market before Thanksgiving and most of the produce, as nice as it looked, wasn’t grown organically from what we determined. Unfortunately, that keeps a limit on where we can buy organic veggies at this time. However, I am hoping that our grocery store will put more organic produce on sale. (The other week they had organic bananas on sale. They were some of the best and biggest bananas I’ve had in a long time.)

Another thing I would like to mention is that despite the holidays I have lost weight. Now, to be honest, I have been walking more and I generally walk about three miles in just under an hour. Another thing I have been doing is portion control. I’m not following any special diet and I still am not 100% organic because we eat out and at my parents’ house, etc. However, despite my efforts in times past to lose weight without success, this time is different. I have to believe it is because I am consuming less chemicals and less calories. I believe my plateau from before was due to the chemicals and “junk” I was putting into my body. I’ve seemed to have dropped 6-8 pounds since before the holidays started (meaning Thanksgiving).

Another good thing is that I have convinced my mom to buy organic Romain lettuce. So now when she wants to make salads, I’m pretty confident it is with organic lettuce. This is good because it is one step at a time.

On another note, we were able to buy Christmas lights this year and we made sure to buy LEDs. I wouldn’t settle for anything else for numerous reasons:

  1. Saving electricity
  2. Eliminating any fire hazards
  3. Longevity of the LEDs so we won’t have to buy Christmas lights again for a very long time.

So anyway, now starts my busy season with taxes so I think I will end my updates here. I hope you have enjoyed my little life series on our journey to being more eco-friendly. Please, if you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions I’d be happy to hear what you have to say. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that I have encouraged you to make some simple life changes that will better your own life and the life of mother earth.