Simple Green living, can it be done? Catch up with Valerie and WillI told you guys I would give you a review of our bed once we had time to test it out. We LOVE it! Will doesn’t have as bad aches and pains anymore and he feels more rested. I don’t have the pressure points anymore and I also feel more rested. In turn, I’m not so fatigued during the day and don’t need naps (unless I’ve stayed up late the night before). I’d most definitely recommend Loom & Leaf and Saavta to family and friends.


We have continued to buy “happy animal” meats and organic vegetables. Publix has been doing a great job at providing more natural and organic options to their consumers. We also decided to continue buying products that are in the process of making positive changes as we want to promote their progress towards “cleaner” nutrition. We also are still completely opposed to buying from “bad” companies.

We continue to recycle and Will asks me if something is or isn’t recyclable. We forgot to take our recycling bin out for 2 weeks so we borrowed one of our yard trash bins for the overloaded recycles till our bin was emptied.

Yes to Carrots is the brand we have switched to for healthier products.Our water bill is down tremendously, which is a blessing. Unfortunately, we have yet to see savings on our electric bill as it is August in Florida. However, I can say it is not as high this year as it was this time last year.

We have bought some beauty products called Yes To Carrots. I haven’t written the review yet because we haven’t started using them but they have a wide selection of items for many purposes. I will also be checking into candles and other type home items that are more environmentally friendly.