Do you know what's in your food? GMOs, organic how can a simple housewife keep it all straight? Valerie Barber explores how access to a regular grocery store doesn't mean you can't try to shop organic.Will and I vowed to eat healthier. When we say healthier we really mean eating more natural, organic and non-GMO products. Thus, this leads to eating healthier foods in general like fruits and vegetables (yuck!). Don’t worry, I suck it up and eat the good stuff. Now, with that being said we have a house full of yucky stuff like high fructose corn syrup, chemicals and what not. Instead of throwing the old out, we are still eating it but we aren’t buying it again.


Our local grocer is Publix. Publix has a Greenwise line of items (meats, vegetables, cleaning products, vitamins, etc.). Many of the products are USDA Certified Organic (I love their chocolate ice cream). Plus, they really aren’t more money than their non-organic counterparts. They just don’t go on sale. We shop sales. We love sales. We’re not rich so any money saved anywhere is a good thing. To be proactive, I’ve already sent letter to Publix asking them to pretty please with an organic cherry on top put their Greenwise items on sale. We also no longer support companies that support the things we don’t believe in (ConAgra, Monsanto, etc.) as best as we possibly can.

It's getting easier than you think to eat clean. Here's items found at Publix. Just shop the labels. Now, I’m also all about free range items like eggs, meats and what not. This is much harder to find and more expensive BUT…. I did find a chicken and beef company that offer free range meats, Springer Mountain Farms and Strauss respectively. Another “happy animal” company is Maverick Ranch. They are more expensive but not only are you getting antibiotic and hormone free chicken and beef, they are happy chickens and cows. The best part is that my Publix actually sells them. So that’s what we’ve been trying out. Our selection of these brands is very limited but they are choice #1 (Greenwise is #2).

Another thing I did was I downloaded a couple of smartphone apps that help me know whether or not a product I am about to buy has GMOs. Non-GMO, Check GMO and ipiit are great apps for determining what is in your food. You can scan by barcode which is even better and faster when you are at the store. Also, Fooducate is a good app but to get the GMO capabilities you have to pay for their service. I generally prefer free over a monthly subscription.

So, that’s really our journey to eating healthier. We aren’t cutting out everything bad but much of the stuff we can cut back on we do. We are also okay with sending letters to our grocer and other companies asking them for change and we have seen progress at our local Publix.