Searching for the perfect "green" mattress can take weeks. Join Valerie Barber as she scopes them out. Pictured TempurPedicBuying a bed is worse than buying a house or a car. I’ve spent weeks and weeks looking, trying, researching, thinking and dreaming about beds. If we never have to buy a bed again, it will be too soon. Our innerspring, pillow top mattress is 10+ years old. Here are some of the things Will and I decided were important to us in buying a bed: no pressure points and better circulation.

We are side sleepers and we believe that part of Will’s tingling problems have to do with poor circulation. We toss and turn all night, wake up with stiff necks and Will snores because “the only comfortable position is on my back”. I can be on one side for 5 minutes then have to turn because of the pressure points on my hips. It hurts and it’s uncomfortable. So we started our search for a new mattress.


We went to a mattress store and had already decided we wanted a memory foam or latex bed after my time researching the beds that would be ideal for our needs. We tried out hybrid beds (innerspring with memory foam on top) and full memory foam beds. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a latex mattress for us to try. We settled on a TempurPedic bed. I went home and did more research. Now, I can’t un-know what I now know.

Why I Wanted Latex

An all natural (maybe organic) latex bed is made from the rubber tree. The way they harvest it is renewable and they aren’t chopping down trees for the latex. We do not have a latex allergy so I thought this would be a great option. Latex is also more breathable than memory foam, making them naturally cooler beds (they are 80% more breathable than memory foam). However, latex is not quite as supportive at memory foam.

So I found this all natural latex memory foam mattress company with a storefront I could try their beds. They are just as expensive as the TempurPedic bed we had chosen. I thought we were going to be set! Seriously. I thought how much better for ourselves and the environment we will be with this natural latex memory foam bed for $4000+. WHAT??!!??!! Yeah, that’s the price. I went and tested the beds. I had to know what they felt like. They felt great!

The Barber's new eco-friendly mattress. Choosing the right mattress is more difficult than you think.Why We Didn’t go with a Latex Bed and Opted for an Environmentally Conscious Memory Foam Bed Company

The all natural latex mattress company that we were choosing has unethical business practices. Don’t lie to me. I won’t buy from you if you do. They had been in trouble with the FTC for making claims about natural memory foam. Come to find out that ALL memory foam is made with petrochemicals. I know. It’s sad! They also claimed to have certifications that I could not cross-reference and since they are a Canadian based company, they aren’t a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

This strongly deterred us from buying their mattress. Why? Because, if they are lying about their natural memory foam then what else are they lying about? Maybe their beds are all natural except for the memory foam but how am I to determine and test that? Plus, they’re liars and I can’t sleep well knowing that especially at that price point.

What Mattress We Chose

So we went with a Loom & Leaf mattress by Saavta. Yes, it is memory foam but it is made with plant based memory foam. Now, before you think, “Great!” let me clue you in. Plant based memory foam is only made with up to 30% plants (in this case soy and corn which is not GMO-free. I know I’m sad about that too.) The rest is still petrochemicals. Also, these beds are not 100% natural or organic. But we felt this is the best option and a much cheaper price than the others we were looking at and here’s why.

The company is rated A+ with the BBB, they are US based with their materials sourced in the US. They do not use PBDE flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde or ozone depletes. The are low VOC (not VOC free). Their cotton covering is organic, they use a natural thistle flame retardant and their foam is CertiPUR-US certified. In Addition they are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. I cross checked it all so it’s legit. I even asked and cross checked the manufacturer of their memory foam and other items and they also check out. Plus, they claim to be committed to a smaller carbon footprint.

The Best Part

The mattress was only $1000. That’s it! Plus, they hand deliver it to you and for a small additional fee will take away your old mattress. They even offer a 75-day home trial and if you don’t like your mattress you can return it for a full refund (minus delivery fee). I found many good reviews on the mattress and I could not find any seriously bad reviews. None. I tried. I really did.

So we have ordered this mattress and it should be here within the next 2 weeks. I will write a follow up post about what we think of the mattress in the future once we have slept on it.


Since I felt bad about not being able to buy a more natural mattress, we opted for organic latex contour pillows by Organic Textiles. The company states the pillows are GOTS Certified and they show the certifications on their website. However, I have yet to find them on the GOTS website.


So that is our journey on getting a new bed.