Auntie Beth here! Colette has been so busy, I decided to take over the Craft Corner for a post or two. I wanted to introduce you to Vanessa aka the Crafty Gemini. Vanessa is a big time sewer and crafter on YouTube. But guess what? She's also a homesteader in Gainesville, Fl. Yep, a girl after my own heart!


In this video tutorial Vanessa teaches how to make a reusable cloth bag. I first got turned onto this idea by Colette's mother, my sister. If this bag is too complicated then there is a simpler way to help reduce the use of gift wrap. Did you know that Christmas is the biggest day of the year for creation of trash? I have a couple of ideas to reduce your trash with great ideas for gift wrapping and other ways to reduce! I am not against gift wrapping, I am just looking for ways to reduce one use wrapping paper by a bit. Besides who doesn't love a hand made gift?

To make the simpler bad just sew up the sides of a folded piece of cloth, box of the corners as shown in the video, and flip over the open edge about an inch and thread with a length of ribbon through the fold over piece and viola!