Colette's Craft Corner - Cute KeyHello, this is going to be the corner where I will upload crafts (some greener than others) that I have done. The first craft will be decorating a key.

When you go to purchase a new key it is plain, silver and blends in with the rest of your dull keys. When it comes to the time when you actually need your new key you try the other 15 keys on your the ring until you discover that you left it in the front pocket of your jeans so you wouldn't loose it. This trend continues every time you need to get somewhere. Of course the simple solution would be to go purchase a rubber cover for the top of your key, which would not be very eco-friendly due to the utter waste of packaging and the manufacturing of the rubber. So, instead you can go and pay an exorbitant price to get some funky design to cover it in a store. Or, you can follow this tutorial and cover your key with something every lady has, nail polish. Whether you are looking for a way to organize or a key that stands out this is the craft for you.



-Scotch Tape
-Nail Polish
-Styrofoam or Egg Carton

1: Tape across at the shoulder of your key as seen below.

2: Choose a nail polish color and coat the key from the bow to the tape twice.

3: Stick the tip in your recycled styrofoam or egg carton and let the paint dry. (Be careful not to touch the drying paint Surprised)

4: (Optional) Paint on a design to make it super cute!

5: Put a clear coat over where you painted to protect the key.

6: Remove the tape and- viola!

*If you are having an issue with chipping you may try shellac to protect the artwork that is your key. If you try this I would love to hear how it went! Also, if you ever have any crafts for me to try notify me and I will do them! Stay tuned for more crafts.  Keep Crafting!