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In ancient times our ancestors made or purchased idols to which they could bow in devotion.  Archaeologists find these idols when they unearth ancient communities.

We twenty-first century souls have our idols, too.  We call them Stuff.  They begin as necessities -- basic clothing, pieces of art or decoration, furniture or automobiles or toys.  We need some of these things.  The rest is Stuff.


Just Breathe



Most of us are gearing up for a relaxing holiday weekend, thanks to our forefathers (and mothers) who founded this country and gave us cause to celebrate our independence.  If you are like me, you'll relish in the extra time to linger with family and friends at a picnic or neighborhood parade or watching the night sky all a-glow with sparkling fireworks (or even just fireflies). You may find yourself breathing a little more easily because of the relaxed pace of the extended weekend. But that deep breath may come not so easily for some, literally.


We are having the wrong conversation

My Sunday School class is awesome! They push me. They aren’t “green”. They are mostly quite a bit more seasoned in life than I am. This is the one place where I consistently get out of my “green” sandbox and into where most people are living their lives. At least in regards to issues of sustainability, environment and the now almost universally accepted dreaded term “green”. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the environment in general or that they aren’t open to my perspective. God bless them for that! It’s just not something that is on their radar on a daily basis like it is for me. My honest belief is that I am not fit for the general population anymore because I am so dang green!


Is the church a good steward of the tithes it receives?

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when most churches start their Fall Stewardship campaigns. Almost everyone loathes the conversation. How can you tell? Well, because most pastors start out with jokes when they start the dreaded sermon. It’s not comfortable talking about money, especially in church and it’s apparent that pastors and congregations alike would rather just skip the sermon completely. After all, the congregation is there to receive strength, comfort, love, joy and spiritual direction, not think about the lights, salaries, maintenance and expenses. That is what the Finance Committee is for.


Full of Useless Information