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Bridging Faith and Science to Fight Climate Change

Congressman John Lewis speaks at an #ActonClimate event, Ebenezer Baptist Church“We must find common ground or we lose all ground.”  Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley

Over the weekend, an impressive line up of community leaders gathered at Ebenezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta, Ga. to show support for President Obama’s Climate Change Plan as a part of the larger ‘I Will #ActOnClimate’ campaign.  The event, which was only publicized locally this week, gathered an impressive and diverse crowd—from local residents to environmental advocates to  tourists visiting the National Historic Site–all dropping by to hear the inspiring words from the speakers. 


Westover Baptist Church Receives Conservation Grant

Alliance for the Bay and Reedy Creek Coalition Partner to Reduce Storm Water Runoff

Richmond's Westover Baptist Church is the newest partner in the Reedy Creek Coalition and Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay collaboration to preserve the integrity of Reedy Creek. The Alliance is providing up to $20,000 in grant funding to re-landscape much of the front half of Westover's campus at Westover Hills Boulevard and 49th Street. The project will include native plants in bayscapes and rain gardens designed by Westover member and neighbor Drew Harrigan of Four Winds Design. Harrigan, a talented landscape architect, is donating an additional $8,000 to the project as he designs and oversees every step of the process.


SCB Engages Religious Leaders to Help Protect Elephants

Stop Ivory PoachingDemand for ivory in Asia for religious purposes threatens elephants in Africa

Elephant poaching and ivory smuggling in Africa are at their highest levels in more than a decade, according to a 2012 report from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The illegal trade in ivory, fueled in part by demand in Asia for ivory-made religious products, threatens the survival of elephant populations across the African continent.


GIPL's New Natural Gas Partnership can save local Faith-Based Institutions Thousands of Dollars

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light is proud to partner with the ANBC Group, which works to secure lower natural gas rates for faith-based organizations and commercial clients.

For the past 9 years, GIPL has helped you cut your energy bills by finding ways for you to use less energy in your congregation and in your homes. But there are two ways to cut your energy bills, use less and pay less. Our new partnership with the ANBC Group is going to help your faith community pay less for natural gas. To read GIPL's position on Natural Gas click here.


Plenty of talk about the weather, but not much on climate

The weather is our nation’s favorite topic for small talk, and there’s been plenty to discuss in this year of record-setting temperatures, wildfires, drought and storms.

Yet when it comes to talking about the larger, long-term implications of the weather – that is, climate change – our leaders shy away from the issue. The economy is the top issue on many Americans’ minds this fall, and rightly so. But we understand that when a majority of the nation’s counties are declared disaster areas and farmers lose crops due to widespread drought, there’s a direct tie between disruptive weather, jobs and even our food supply.


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