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Pacific Northwest and National Faith Leaders Call for Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Expansion

Leaders cite biodiversity and reverence for God’s creation among top reasons for support

25 Christian leaders sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary Jewell urging them to “care for God’s creation with the reverence it merits, and expand the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument this year.”

The letter highlights the importance of biodiversity from a religious perspective, and expresses concern that a growing number of scientists report that a “patchwork of vital habitats and watersheds remain unprotected.” The letter goes on to say if these unprotected areas were to be harmed, “we could disrupt the wildlife safe-haven our communities have striven to create over the past 16 years.”


How the faithful voted: A preliminary 2016 analysis

The 2016 presidential exit polling reveals little change in the political alignments of U.S. religious groups. Those who supported Republican candidates in recent elections, such as white born-again or evangelical Christians and white Catholics, strongly supported Donald Trump as well. Groups that traditionally backed Democratic candidates, including religious “nones,” Hispanic Catholics and Jews, were firmly in Hillary Clinton’s corner.


Top Southwestern and National Faith Leaders Call for Protection of the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage Area

Leaders cite water justice, racial justice, and conservation as reasons to designate area as a national monument

32 top religious leaders of Jewish and Christian traditions, including bishops, regional ministers, and executive directors, have sent a letter to President Obama calling on him to permanently protect the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage Area by designating it as a national monument.


United Methodist General Conference Affirms Next Global Health Initiatives


1 Million Children to be Reached with Lifesaving Interventions by 2020

Seeking to build on the success of its global health initiative that significantly reduced the number of childhood deaths caused by malaria, The United Methodist Church this week affirmed its commitment to positively impact the lives of children everywhere through the next phase of its global health work. Coordinated by the denomination’s General Board of Global Ministries, “Abundant Health: Our Promise to Children” aims to reach 1 million children with lifesaving interventions by 2020.


Western faith groups and investment firms call on oil and gas lobby groups to drop opposition to BLM natural gas waste rule

25 socially responsible investment firms and Western faith leaders joined together in a letter calling on oil and gas lobby groups to drop their opposition and support the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s natural gas waste rule, which was proposed earlier this year.

The letter addressed seven trade associations including Western Energy Alliance, Consumer Energy Alliance, Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA), New Mexico Oil & Gas Association, New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry, Colorado Petroleum Council, and La Plata Energy Council. The coalition’s call to action comes as COGA members and western energy producers gather for the Rocky Mountain Energy Summit which kicked off this past Monday in Denver.


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