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Sustaining Way assumes responsibility for South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light

Sustaining Way would like to announce that we have assumed responsibility for South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light (SCIPL) as of January 1, 2017. We are excited about this new opportunity to have a positive impact on our state. While Sustaining Way will continue to serve the Nicholtown community and other communities through Annie’s House in Greenville, the SCIPL will work to educate and engage the faith community throughout the state of South Carolina to address climate change and bring about a sustainable and equitable future.


In Light of the Gospel: Solar Energy and the Stewardship of Creation

Solar energy is a potential win/win for churches everywhere,” Elizabeth Scribner noted at a Diocesan Convention workshop"Solar energy is a potential win/win for churches everywhere,” Elizabeth Scribner noted at a Diocesan Convention workshop. “Christians can help heal God’s creation while saving their churches money that would be better spent on ministries than utilities.”

As a member of the Diocesan Task Force for the Stewardship of Creation, I had the pleasure of introducing Elizabeth—who is also my wife—at the Task Force’s workshop on solar energy for churches. Elizabeth’s father, Sam Yates, our fellow parishioner at Cathedral Church of the Advent, founded Eagle Solar & Light in 2016 to provide solar energy and LED lighting to residences, businesses, nonprofits, and churches. While pursuing herPhD in Mathematics at UAB, Elizabeth serves as Eagle Solar & Light’s Technical Adviser.


IPL Announces 2016 Cool Congregation Winners

Each year Interfaith Power & Light selects congregations from across the country for achieving sustainability goals. Here are the 2016 winners.

Community Inspiration - 2016 Cool Congregation

Community United Church of Christ (CUCC) took to heart the mission of making the world a better place. They did this in two ways:

  • Installing solar panels to reduce the church’s own carbon footprint and
  • Helping those in their community most impacted by climate change to weatherize their homes.


Emory Student Launches Lenten Carbon Fast

Looking for a meaningful way to participate in Lent? Participate in our Lenten Carbon Fast. The fast will be distributed via weekly emails and will encourage people to think spiritually, intellectually, and physically about ways to care for the earth and live sustainably. Each weekly email will highlight one aspect of environmental sustainability to focus on and will include scripture readings, a devotional, suggestions for practical action steps to take to reduce your environmental impact, and an optional community event at Candler School of Theology. This fast is designed to allow you to customize your experience, so no need to abandon your car or stop heating your home. Learn some fast, easy, and inexpensive ways to reduce your personal environmental footprint. To participate in this fast, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text45094+'<\/a>'; //--> . We hope you will join us!


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