The State Department announced the second U.S. contribution of $500 million to the Green Climate Fund, an international multilateral fund that supports low-emission and resilient development in countries that are the most vulnerable to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. The Green Climate Fund was established to help countries that are least responsible for causing climate change, and least economically able to cope with it. The Green Climate Fund is accountable to a board with representatives from the U.S. government, and other donor and recipient governments. It includes high levels of transparency and accountability in its structure and governing principles to prevent corruption.

Religious communities, which are heavily involved in relief and development ministries, have a strong interest in seeing the Green Climate Fund succeed. Religious relief and development ministries are struggling to respond to climate impacts, and the Green Climate Fund provides welcome international organization of funds for the cause. In 2016, 121 religious organizations requested a $750 million investment in the Green Climate Fund for Fiscal Year 2017.