12 Days of a Recycling Holiday

Recycle your books

Day 9 - Books

Are you a reader? Are you a reader like me where people give you stacks of books? Really, there is a reason our book section on Southeast Green is called Book Stacks. It reflects the stacks at my home. If the re-gifting day made you uncomfortable don't worry even manner experts say it's okay to re-gift books without penalty. If you don't have anyone to re-gift to why not make a donation to your local library? Southeast Green is a big fan of Better World Books who will take almost any books you can't find a home for. Plus, books are guaranteed to get recycled one way or another when they go to Better World Books. Look for a bin in Metro Atlanta or you can ship them to Better World Books for free. That's right for free and yes now there is one less box in your house too!

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