12 Days of a Recycling Holiday

Day 5 - 12 Days of a Recycling Holiday - Milk Jugs

Day 5 - Milk Cartons & Beverage Bottles

I could give you one of Martha Stewart's wonderful ideas of using them to create some lovely punch center piece. It's a good thing! But what I use milk jugs for is the cooler. I often find myself porting food across state lines during the holidays and these large containers make great ice packs. Because of their size they stay frozen longer than anything else and if you don't need to port food back, you can leave them at your destination for recycling. Another great use is if you are like me and don't have tons of frozen foods, you can leave them in the freezer and it makes your freezer more energy efficient because once frozen they keep the freezer cold and therefore the freezer doesn't have to cycle on as much.

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