Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures: Plants Parts 1 & 2 - Purchase on AmazonAn Original Multicultural Ecology Children’s Book Series  

The entertaining brand which features multicultural characters as friends from India, China, South America, has found a strong presence in schools, libraries and museums across the country. Port Discovery, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Children’s Museum of Manhattan and the Dawes Arboretum in Ohio are among the many outlets that have fell in love with the educational series.


Jordan and Justine’s Weekend Adventures” supports story-time and Earth Day presentations across the USA and has already been identified as a sure hit among educators nation-wide.

In addition, the “Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures” brand has been used to impact the corporate culture of national and global corporations for Earth Day. Children have used the book to do science projects, homework and to gather information for science fairs.

Children across the board are guaranteed to enjoy this interactive series. Not only does it educate, it’s fun and promotes cultural awareness with its diverse group of characters.

For more information on the “Jordon & Justine’s Weekend Adventures” book series, please visit: Be sure to check the Jordan and Justine blog to learn great “Green” tips.

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