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Established Atlanta-based photographer Patrick Williams is working to “green” the photography industry in the Southeast and beyond. His recently launched Eco Photog Blog,, is Patrick’s first step in offering inspiration and tips to aspiring green photographers.

Patrick is the founder and operator of PWP Studio, based in Atlanta, where he specializes in weddings and corporate event photography. Over the past few years, Patrick started a green initiative at his studio and in everything he does. For example, he reuses all boxes and shipping materials and recycles whenever possible, uses print paper and photo albums created from 100% recycled materials, has replaced paper address and logo stickers with reusable polymer stamps with soy-based inks, and he has implemented the use of carbon neutral transportation to provide deliverables to his clients.

Patrick has partnered with two other green photographers, Tina Carter (Chicago) and Jacklyn Greenberg (New Haven , Conn.), to create a green photography association -- that would be the first of its kind-- to encourage other photographers to implement environmentally friendly practices into their studios. The association will offer encouragement and resources to other photographers who wish to minimize the impact of studio operations and to modify their photography processes by using renewable and sustainable resources.
In addition, Patrick and his partners will soon open an online store that will provide consumers and future association members with eco-friendly photography supplies and equipment. Patrick hopes to drive awareness and support for green photography, the association and upcoming store through the Eco Photog Blog -


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