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Help Hydromissions when you purchse from Bi-Lo

Bi-Lo “BoostersPlus” program help Hydromissions

We are signed up for this charity program through our regional grocery store. Bi-Lo operates over 200 stores in SC, NC, GA, and TN. Just present the card (see above) one time along with your regular Bonus Card, and for the next year, Bi-Lo will donate 1% of your purchase to Hydromissions. A great way to help us just by doing your everyday grocery shopping.

Radon Test Kits

Radon is the second leading cost of lung cancer, it is a radioactive gas coming from the ground into the houses. They only way to know the amount of Radon in the house is testing. The Gwinnett County Extension Service is giving the kits to test homes free of charge.


What is the Consumer Energy Program?

The Consumer’s Utility Council (CUC) was eliminated recently by the Governor’s office due to funding cuts. As a result, residential customers and small businesses have no representation in the billion dollar cases coming before the Public Service Commission. Large corporations and utilities remain protected, but without the CUC, the average person no longer has a voice in matters pending before the PSC.


When the Georgia legislature cut funding and closed the doors of the Consumer Utility Council, Georgia Watch felt the best way to preserve the interests of Georgia consumers in the energy debate, would be to create a new program focusing solely on energy efficiency and policy.

The Consumer Energy Program, led by former Public Service Commissioner and Georgia Watch Deputy Director Angela Speir, analyzes information and develops positions on legislative and regulatory proposals that affect utility pricing, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Information about the program, new polices and ways to save on monthly bills is spread across the state via staff editorials, interviews and in an intensive grassroots campaign.

Go On a Green Vacation

  • Use public transportation
  • Pack light--don't bring more than you need
  • Take a volunteer vacation--enables couples to spend their vacation while working on a worthwhile project
  • Book an Eco-friendly hotel--support eco-lodges, hotels and hotels constructed from recycled materials
  • Shoot digital photos
  • Acknowledge that some environmentally fragile places should be off limits--in some places tourists cause irreversible impacts to the environment, such as the Amazonian rain forest
  • Rent a Smart car--choose a hybrid than runs on less gas
  • onserve in-room energy--it shouldn't be any different when you aren't at home.  Shut off the TV, lights and air when you leave the room.
  • Don't generate unneccessary laundry-- it wastes both energy and water to wash towels on a daily basis.
  • Consume locally  

Community Hero from Bartow County

Bartow County Green Company, Electrical Cost Cutters, Inc. (ECCI) is a total electrical cost saving solutions provider that offers proven systems for lowering electrical costs in commercial and industrial facilities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For every system our company installs, we offer a written guarantee of the facility's electrical savings. We can also calculate the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  Herschel has over 20 years experience in reducing the wasted energy that is intrinsic to all industries. Herschel can help you get the current tax credits. He is also helping to create green jobs in Bartow County.

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