According to the United Nations report Livestock's Long Shadow, the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gases (GHGs) than ALL transportation combined.

While 18% is more than all transportation combined, the the UN report (which was partially funded by the International Livestock Research Institute) is actually a conservative estimate in many respects.

Follow-up research by environmental scientists from the World Bank Group analyzed and recalculated the UN numbers, concluding that animal-sourced food production generates more than 50% of human-caused greenhouse gases. 

In their Livestock and Climate Change article published in World Watch Magazine, they analyzed the UN report, noting in particular what was uncounted, under-counted, and misallocated. Details here.

The new analysis also recalculated the numbers using a 20-year timeframe, instead of 100 years like the UN report. A 20-year timeframe is more realistic given the dire and fast occurring consequences associated with climate disruptions.

Read details about the how the UN report was recalculated.

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