The United States consumes an average of roughly 30 million trees a year to make books.  Eco-consciousness is on the rise, and major publishing houses are even beginning to print their books on recycled paper, a move that will spare an estimated 550,000 trees per year.

When shopping for back-to-school items this season, play an active part in the ever-growing trend and GO GREEN! Here are just a few products to help you do just that:

The Speaking Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition – This product condenses five key reference books into one sleek handheld, featuring the updated Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary including biographical and geographical entries, Merriam-Webster’s Concise Dictionary of English Usage, Guide to Punctuation and Style, Dictionary of Quotations, and a 5-language translator. Additional content includes Franklin’s patented phonetic spell correction, grammar guide with quizzes, word games, and a built-in organizer.

The Pocket Prep Interactive Handheld Tutor for the SAT and ACT – This gadget saves paper and money, as it contains a complete test preparation system will full length, timed practice tests. Features include instant scoring, personal diagnostic reports, practice drills, and an extensive verbal and essay reference set.

The Children’s Speller & Dictionary – Young students will love using a dictionary that is both educational and fun. This gadget features personalized greetings, animations, spell corrections, a crossword puzzle solver, and 7 different games including “Fun with Spanish” and “Fun with French.” Created specifically for children ages 6 and up, this product will help children learn spelling, writing, and grammar.