UCR received a Hotline call this week from a Cobb County homeowner who noticed a grey tinge to the stream in her backyard along with numerous dead fish. Our technical programs director, Jason Ulseth, met the homeowner and conducted water tests, which revealed a high level of untreated sewage in the stream. They walked upstream and found the source of the sewage, an overflowing manhole discharging directly into the stream (see photo). Cobb County was immediately notified and the spill was stopped within an hour. The sewer line had became clogged with grease and other debris, a common problem in the metro area. Thanks to this observant homeowner, the problem was quickly found and rectified.

If you notice a problem with your neighborhood streams, please contact Jason for assistance at (404) 352-9828 x16 or report a problem online here. iPhone users can also report a problem from their phone using UCR's app (click here).