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Fragments from Floyd

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia
Fragments from Floyd
  1. Friday Nature UNK
    So outdoor observers: what fruit on yonder tree? Admittedly, this is a crappy picture, taken through the window of my car, stopped briefly on a county road and having not gone unnoticed by a nearby barking porch dog. I think you can see enough to make the ID. UNK is shorthand for Unknown, of course, … Continue reading Friday Nature UNK
  2. Snot Otters To Be Proud Of
    Some 50-60 folks (mostly from nearby Blacksburg I think) gathered in the damp gloom of the Rising Silo Brewery in the rain for the first gathering of the “Tap into Science” group. The focal point was the Eastern Hellbender (or Snot Otter or Old LasagnaSides, or…) as presented to the group by Dr. Bill Hopkins,  a … Continue reading Snot Otters To Be Proud Of
  3. Power of Music
    John McCutcheon last night at the Country Store told about the time in his early 20s when he set out on a three-month “self-study” of the banjo players of Southwest Virginia. Some of those he ended up visiting with were student-friends of mine, jamming in the snack bar at Wytheville Community College.  I was new … Continue reading Power of Music
  4. Right to a Nature-Rich Childhood
    I happened across this piece I’d written some years back–for Blog Action Day maybe–and thought it might have a place in what used to be the book I was writing and compiling from odd bits here and there that might deserve to see the light of day. So I posted it at today. Go … Continue reading Right to a Nature-Rich Childhood
  5. Forestry Series Link
    For those who don’t see my infrequent posts on the Book of Face, here is a link to the four part series on Forestry’s Future that just completed its run in the Floyd Press. When Forests Disappear / Fred First /
  6. Parts South
    Two weeks ago this morning I was in high clover–among vegetation and birdlife unlike anything around here, that’s for sure. Sarasota is another world, and on a beautiful balmy morning surrounded by herons and ibises and spoonbills and ducks and… It was really the first time I’ve been able to use the long-lens function of … Continue reading Parts South
  7. What’s a Forest For?
    Part Two of a four-part series on Forests’ Future, published in Floyd Press starting March 30. What goes missing when a clearcut takes everything away from our ridges, slopes or valleys? Extensive and prolonged logging so close to home was not just a personal concern. It was a community matter, too. Taking away the forest … Continue reading What’s a Forest For?
  8. When Our Forests Disappear
    This is the first part of a four part series in the Floyd Press, first installment in this week’s edition. — FBF When the oak leaves fell from November trees along the crest above the house, we were shocked to discover that the rounded ridge beyond and above us was now as smooth as a … Continue reading When Our Forests Disappear
  9. Health Reads 30 Mar 2017
    I find it much easier to browse lately than to get in touch with the poor battered Muse from yesteryear. Alas, she is requesting a DNR order and who can blame her in such times? And so I have broad-brush Google News alerts for topics impossibly broad like HEALTH. Perusing keeps me off the streets … Continue reading Health Reads 30 Mar 2017
  10. Flights of Fancy
    We will, overriding our former determination to never again leave the ground, fly off in the not too distant future, to a somewhat far-off landscape that is not the mountains. I will have  window -seat neck pain, of course, and this time, Walter Mitty, famous world explorer, will have something like the tool of his dreams in … Continue reading Flights of Fancy

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