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Fragments from Floyd

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia
Fragments from Floyd
  1. Parkway Whites
    Our cars carry us along the Blue Ridge Parkway rather often,  that 400-mile-long national park being the eastern-southern border of Floyd County. But our cars also require us, from time to time, to visit the parkway because that is where our auto-mechanic has his palatial garage not far from Tuggle’s Gap. And it was on […]
  2. Yuccas Every Year
    They threatened to take over parts of our bit of flat land here in the cleft of the east escarpment that drains Floyd County to the west and north into the Roanoke River. Ann loathes yuccas for their tenaciousness on “her field” of a half-acre, still referred to as Yucca Flats. I rather admire them […]
  3. Boys and Behemoth Bubbles
    We usually don’t drive the whole way to Columbia MO in one day anymore, so make a regular stop in Ferdinand, Indiana. This year, at our favorite pub in “downtown” Ferdinand, we saw signs announcing HeimaFest that day, in a park a few blocks away. Say what? Apparently, it’s a “home” festival in this German […]
  4. Snakeless in Seattle
    Or “Sixteen Feet of Elbow Room” We have not lost another egg to a snake (that we know of) for a week, and have now transplanted three black rat snakes,  noosed in or around the garden shed/henhouse to an abandoned property a mile away. So far, into the snake bag, we’ve inserted two five footers […]
  5. Sounds Like Summer
    This morning, an audio visit to Goose Creek. The occasion: robin and tanager calling alternately–until I fetched the mic. So here’s a clip of American Robin, Scarlet Tanager, and Wren (Carolina I think) mixing it up,  with the burble of Goose Creek in the background. I will make my own mix tape of bird and […]
  6. A Human History Without Oil: A Speculative Ramble
    So again, the blog is a bookmark to bits in other places. I jotted down some thoughts at the end of days-long “what if” mind play about how civilization, technology and culture might be today had Earth events not delivered to us various forms of carbon, packaged in mass quantities underground, ostensibly for the eventual discovery by homo sapiens […]
  7. Friday Nature UNK
    So outdoor observers: what fruit on yonder tree? Admittedly, this is a crappy picture, taken through the window of my car, stopped briefly on a county road and having not gone unnoticed by a nearby barking porch dog. I think you can see enough to make the ID. UNK is shorthand for Unknown, of course, […]
  8. Snot Otters To Be Proud Of
    Some 50-60 folks (mostly from nearby Blacksburg I think) gathered in the damp gloom of the Rising Silo Brewery in the rain for the first gathering of the “Tap into Science” group. The focal point was the Eastern Hellbender (or Snot Otter or Old LasagnaSides, or…) as presented to the group by Dr. Bill Hopkins,  a […]
  9. Power of Music
    John McCutcheon last night at the Country Store told about the time in his early 20s when he set out on a three-month “self-study” of the banjo players of Southwest Virginia. Some of those he ended up visiting with were student-friends of mine, jamming in the snack bar at Wytheville Community College.  I was new […]
  10. Right to a Nature-Rich Childhood
    I happened across this piece I’d written some years back–for Blog Action Day maybe–and thought it might have a place in what used to be the book I was writing and compiling from odd bits here and there that might deserve to see the light of day. So I posted it at today. Go […]

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