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Simone Lipscomb

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Simone Lipscomb
  1. Treasures
    Sometimes our greatest treasures are those we forget we have. The poem scribbled on a scrap of paper. A rock Read More →
  2. Cycling in the Clouds
    It wasn’t high altitude that created the sensation of cycling in the sky. The clouds came down…far down to sea Read More →
  3. Go Inside
    It’s winter. It’s cold. And no amount of complaining will change the fact that for a week I didn’t get Read More →
  4. The Flute
    Inspired from an autumnal trip to Ireland and Irish music, I ordered an Irish flute from a Dublin music store Read More →
  5. Finding Peace
    As the year winds down reflection is a normal part of our process before the new year begins. This year Read More →
  6. Keepers of the Light
    People who tended lighthouses were referred to as keepers of light. They maintained lights that kept ships from crashing onto Read More →
  7. Who Rescues Who?
    For social media friends, you already know about my new friend Little Queen Tawanda. She was barely four weeks old Read More →
  8. All is Well…at the Center
    No news reports are broadcast in my home or on the computer or any electronic device and yet it trickles Read More →
  9. Grateful for a Fantastic Year
    Photographic journey through 2017.
  10. Fire Talk

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