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Simone Lipscomb

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Simone Lipscomb
  1. Lightness of Being
    Usually I share my own photographs and video as part of my work, my gift to the world. Lately I Read More →
  2. Dreamer
  3. The Small Shall Be Great
    If you ever feel down, burdened, afraid of what life might bring, think of creatures whose lives are ‘burdened’ by Read More →
  4. Look Closer
    Raindrops from the storm lingered on petals and fronds and green leaves, tender from their unfolding. As I wandered in Read More →
  5. Drumming Under Stars
    Once a month, those so inclined join together along the shore of the narrow headwaters of the Magnolia River to Read More →
  6. Piano…A Whale of a Story
    Sometimes the story behind the scars is bigger than the whale, larger than life. Such is Piano’s life story. Piano Read More →
  7. Reflections on Whales–Going Home
    Thursday–High wind, rough water. Grounded…on the mothership. The whales have not been as numerous this week as in weeks past. Read More →
  8. Reflections on Whales–Part IV
    February 22 Sunrise was spectacular. There were brilliant, fat, vermillion streaks in the eastern sky then that color transferred to small, Read More →
  9. Reflections on Whales–Part III
    February 21 Rough, gray sky, chilly day. Yoga under the stars was challenging with the boat rocking so much. The Read More →
  10. Reflecting on Whales–Part II
    Feb 20 Yoga under stars and half moon. Calm seas. Message received during yoga: Navigate by the stars….and even when I Read More →

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