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Simone Lipscomb

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Simone Lipscomb
  1. Vision of the Path
    It’s easy to write about beauty and adventures into underwater places. That’s my happy place…the blissful realm where I feel Read More →
  2. Ocean Adventure & Fun…Video
    Click the video link to sink into some saltwater bliss.
  3. Open to the Flow
    After diving two dives–one in crazy, high-flow current and a second shallow one in a slight current–I laid down to Read More →
  4. Ocean Planet Celebration
    A short little video celebrating the beauty of the underwater world…including a little UV light magic with the glowing creatures Read More →
  5. Sea Turtle Magic
    The first dive was amazing. We were winding through the coral caves of Palencar Reef. Sponges and corals were pristine. Read More →
  6. You’ve Got a Friend
  7. Going Home
    One of my favorite experiences as a wildlife photographer is to be present when an animal that has been hospitalized Read More →
  8. A Gentle Soul
    I met this female spotted dolphin in Bimini last year. The number of spots grow as they age so I Read More →
  9. Waiting
    As I was cycling today I dropped into inner stillness. As I pedaled and pondered, realization dawned. The angst over the Read More →
  10. Focus on What You Love
    A short video…..

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