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The Benefits Of Using Natural Energy Sources

Ever looked at your electricity bill and thought, “how can it be that much?”. Even when you’re using the basic essentials your electricity is just waiting to bite you in the backside, fear not though for in this article I have some surprisingly good low tech options which will hopefully remedy most of your problems.


Rechargeable Flow Batteries

Energy has always been a problem for the population of our merry little planet. Fossil fuels have been the dominant form for a long time, but but the method is as old as it is ineffective. We have many ways of harvesting energy from the sun, the wind, the tides and other infinite or renewable energy sources and this is not a new concept. However, since most of these sources are dependent on the conditions, this also makes them unreliable. The only way this problem can solved is by enabling us to store the energy but this was a long and painful (not to mention expensive) process up until this point. However, researchers at MIT have found a new, more effective, cheaper and revolutionary way to harvest, generate and store power into rechargeable flow batteries. The biggest problem with flow batteries up until now was that they were relatively expensive to make because of the membrane used in the process. MIT researchers found an insanely simple solution to the problem though – cut out the membrane altogether. Using the new method they experimented with, they were able to withhold the membrane while improving effectiveness and reducing the cost.


3 Alternative Fuel Sources to Get Your Wheels Moving

Everyone can agree that gas prices are too high. Yet, despite our best efforts to keep the arrow at Full, many of us need to drive our cars. Alternative fuel is nothing new. Most of us are familiar with electric cars, biodiesel engines, and ethanol-infused gasoline. However, these are not the only alternative fuel sources available on the market. Exploring a few other fuel options will not only help the environment, but will also save you money.


Why Should We Switch To Renewable Energy In The City

Renewable Energy in the CityI believe the city is the best place to begin any drive for renewable energy. I understand that many of the sources out there are focused on open space and access to the majority of the sun or winds power. However I believe that if all of the big buildings in the city employed renewable energy sources on the top of their buildings then there can be a real difference made.


Top 10 Environmental Issues in our World

To make ecology friendly, there are major environmental issues that actually need urgent attention in the modern world. Some issues are largely documented and measures have been put in place to solve the issues or even prevent them from happening. Some of the problems are less known but one thing that is clear though is that all environmental issues are important and they have the potential to impact the world significantly. Here are top ten environmental issues our world is facing.


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