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Another Energy Bill Hearing in Georgia Thursday

Meeting Notice: Thursday, 3/22/2012 3PM, Capitol Mezz 1

If you think that the Georgia Legislature’s game of “Whack A Mole” against  renewable energy bills this year has been utter and complete annihilation, you would be correct. Almost. There is still one more out there, and potentially, more surprises in store.

On Thursday, 3/22, a hearing will take place in the Senate Mezannine (Capitol Building)  of the Senate Regulated Industries  to discuss HB520- a bill to increase the amount of energy that a utility “shall” buy from a “customer generator” to 2.5%, up from .2 %


Leading the Green Building Revolution from an Unexpected Corner!

Editor's note: We were so happy to see different parts of our worlds collide. Better World Books and Southface have collided into a delicious recipe for recycling, spreading the sustainable word and everyone coming out on top!

Guest post by Judy Knight, Director of PR and Marketing at our partners in greening, Southface

Southface proudly partners with Better World Books, a social enterprise with a focus on sustainability.  The partnership includes Southface hosting a Better World Books Drop Box.  The program helps Southface provide a much needed outlet for pre-loved books in their community. Better World Books is also supporting the Southface Greenprints Conference – you can learn more in the post below.

Back when the U.S. Green Building Council and the now universally recognized LEED green building program were still in their infancy, a nonprofit called Southface was quietly changing city- and neighborhood-scapes through its annual Greenprints Conference, a gathering in the most unlikely of regions: the Southeast.


A Ray of Sunshine—Solar Success Story

 Several factors came together to convince me that it was time to go solar in April, 2010:Georgia Power's updated 20-year plan included virtually no renewable generation, the 35% state tax credit was going to expire at the end of the year, the Public Service Commission had just authorized an expansion of single-directional metering, and I was fed up with the biggest power producer in the Southeast (and the biggest polluter in the country) saying Georgia didn't have a solar resource because of the cloud cover.



Sea level rise threatens the Everglades and the whole of south Florida


“The Everglades is the strangest National Park you’ll ever visit,” says Larry Perez the Park’s Science Communications Liaison Officer. More than a million visitors a year “endure hours of travel just to see grass”. Actually, what appears to be a sea of grass is a unique habitat where fauna from temperate North America live on vegetation found in the Caribbean. Sixty percent of the park is less than one metre above sea level so the glades are extremely vulnerable to sea level rise. “Centimetres of relief mean everything here,” said Perez and minute variations in elevation completely alter the local vegetation profile.

Cape Sable on the south western shore of the Everglades “is our canary in the coalmine” said Perez. “Whatever is destined to happen to other coastal Florida communities, is likely first to occur at Cape Sable.”
Along the Cape coastlines receded by between 150 and 300 metres between 1928 and 2005. And according to Harold Wanless, Professor of Geology at the University of Miami the 23cm rise in sea level since 1930 has destabilised all of Cape Sable’s coastal and wetland environments. 


Why the Save Act is Important

The Save Act is proposed legislation that would factor energy costs into a home’s mortgage.This bill was introduced October 19th, 2011 by Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson (R) and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet (D).Benefits of the bill include: increasing the accuracy of current underwriting procedures, encouraging the purchase of energy efficient homes and home renovations, lowering monthly utility bills, increasing business/creating jobs for builders, manufacturers & contactors and reducing U.S. energy dependence.


Recycling Integrity Introduced @ NRA Quality Assurance Meeting

Addressing the integrity of the recycling stream is entering the mainstream.  In early October, the National Restaurant Association hosted their annual Quality Assurance Executive Study Group meeting in Atlanta.  A Recycling Integrity presentation by Zero Waste Zones Director Holly Elmore was intertwined into the October 04 Food Borne Illness session topic.

It was amazing to field questions from national chain and foodservice operator Quality Assurance executives and witness their understanding of how zero waste initiatives and food safety concerns are related.  Education is in order on the safety measures inherent within state-permitted composting sites to kill pathogens and any other food borne illness carriers.  Working with the U.S. Composting Council, Elemental Impact intends to communicate the bottom-line safety, whether food or air quality, foundation built within the composting industry standards, permitting processes and operating practices.


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