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Natural Pest Control For Storage Units

Pest control for storage unitsCan you be kind to the environment while keeping creepy crawlies out of your storage unit? Yes, you can.

Some people find the words environmental friendly pest control intimidating. But don’t worry. We have put together a couple of natural pest control remedies that you can find at your local home improvement or grocery store that will keep those creepy crawlies from getting into your storage unit.


Are Millennials Really “Greener” than Boomers?

Baby BoomersDDB delved into its Life Style Study (LSS) this Earth Day, for data about how concerned Americans are about protecting the environment, how much of an effort they make to recycle everything they possibly can, and how willing they are to choose the environment over their wallets or quality of life.  The data also seeks to answer the question, “Are Millennials Really “Greener” than Boomers?”. Not so!


Peach Pundit Starts War of Words over Solar in Georgia

Peach Pundit, the self-proclaimed raw politics of Georgia website, started a war of words on the topic of solar in early April. As the continued spin of solar from conservative groups abound, the author of We Need A Real Debate On Solar, Not Attacks, Rep. Buzz Brockaway, might have been requesting a tempered discussion on the topic of solar but clearly based on the comments, people misinformed by their media outlets, raised their voices to shout out the tired and false accusations about failed solar companies and subsidies. Enter solar super-hero Solar Truth Teller who posted this response to all the nonsense the comments have misrepresented about solar. Southeast Green has been asked by our super hero to maintain his/her secret identity, so Solar Truth Teller can tell the truth another day. (Please note: The statements expressed here are from the author and the author alone. Southeast Green is not the author.)


Forward On Climate Rally

Howard Salk of Salk Law, LLC recently attended the Climate Rally in Washington DC. Here are his observations of the event.

Despite the near-freezing temperatures, the rally was exhilarating. Here’s a link to a video of the speakers: After they spoke, we marched by the White House chanting slogans such as “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Keystone Must Go” and “Hey Obama, We Don’t Want No Pipeline Drama”.


Grey Water vs. Rain Water

Atlanta is currently in a Level IV drought.  Luckily the citizens of Atlanta are looking for ways that they can make a difference.  We can’t water our plants in most areas with tap water so many people are looking to rain barrels, rain-harvesting and grey water.  Many of our clients are quite receptive to these techniques and actually are expecting us more and more to offer them as a responsible options for them.  I asked one of the local experts (Mark Brown) to elaborate on the difference in the various ways to collect and use water legally and safely.

Guest blogger- Mark Brown Raincatchers

People are always asking me about grey water or they are using the term grey water interchangeably with rainwater.  Like most rainwater harvesting people, I cringe each time I hear rainwater referred to as grey water.  They are two completely different types of water with very different characteristics.  Here are a few points to help clarify:

1. Rainwater is water that is generated from a precipitation event, while grey water is generated from dishwashing, clothes washing, general sink usage, and bathing.  Please note that if grey water has high levels of food waste, certain harsh chemicals, or “you know what” (Doodie), it can no longer be classified as grey water and would be considered black water (term to be covered by someone else at a later date).

2. Rainwater is high quality water that is just beneath U.S. drinking water standards only because of the low level of contaminants it picks up in the air and through its conveyance.  Grey water has detergents, small food particles, and other pollutants picked up through its usage.

3. Rainwater can be used for any type of water demand depending on the level of filtration or purification.  With basic filtration removing the particulates, rainwater is suitable for storage and use for any nonpotable need, such as irrigation, toilet flushing, clothes washing, pool and pond refilling, auto and building washing, cooling towers, and fire suppression.  If purified using the proper systems, rainwater can be used for potable needs, such as drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Grey water can be used for subsurface irrigation if used immediately and the local codes allow this,  however federal law prohibits the use of grey water for above ground irrigation.  With the use of grey water recycling systems grey water can be used for toilet flushing and clothes washing in the home, however It cannot be purified and used for potable water needs.  Grey water should not be stored without first being treated, because its contaminates decompose so quickly.

4. Well designed rainwater harvesting systems using the highest quality products require very little maintenance.  Grey water recycling systems require constant maintenance and repair.

5. The main benefits of a grey water recycling system are the reduction in the amount of water going into our sewer system and the conservation of our water resources.  The benefits of rainwater harvesting systems include the conservation of our water resources, a significant reduction in pollution of our waterways, and the reduction or elimination of storm water runoff.

As you can see these are two very different types of water.  Both are beneficial to our environment and will play an important role in how we handle this important natural resource in the future.  As water is quickly moving up the list of important issues our country and world must deal with, these systems will continue to improve and ultimately will become a normal part of existence.

Who am I?...(An Earth Day Poem)

I give and give but rarely take.

I replenish and replenish but am not thanked.

I anger as volcanoes and cry as rain.

I'm killed but slightly revived.

Some care to learn while others waste.

I feel passion for all for they are my children.

I hold the known and unknown secrets of all but never tell.

I am the earth can't you tell?

Editor's note: This piece of poetry is by my amazing niece! She is 11. Needless to say I am so truly proud of here and just in time for Earth Day!

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