I know there are issues of ownership with Brook Run Park. I know I'm just a nobody, in the power scheme of what goes on in this soon-to-be-city. But I do have an idea. Click the arrow by the video to view. And then try this link, too.

I have already received "high level" response to this video:

* My teenage daughter said, "Your voice sounds so nice." She then paused a minute and added, "Why can't it always sound that way?"

* My husband said, "A video of a fence? Did you really need video for this?"

Hey, I try.

Oh, and for those who still think food security is a waste of time about which to worry, you might be interested in this.

Next steps? As with most things I do, I'm still figuring it all out. I did meet a greenhouse farmer who supplies organic lettuce (and other) plugs to Atlanta-area organic farmers the other day when I was down at Farmer D's new store (it's on Briarcliff by Lavista). And I did get some great advice from Alice at Georgia Organics. And there is a grant that could pay to get this thing going . . .

Any other thoughts or interest?

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