While subjects of climate change and global warming and their causes and management may be contentious issues in the upper echelons of government and industry, taking care of the environment is something that all of us can and should do. As most companies feel the pressure from their clients to show a real concern for the environment, they also have to handle the business end of things. After all, the bottom line is what matters as far as the longevity of the business is concerned.


Along with packaging, communication is one of the prime sectors for green considerations. The traditional form of communication is print. Companies printed products and services on leaflets, posters or large boards to ensure that their message is out there. In particular, restaurants, bars and fast food outlets have majorly used print for handheld menus, menu boards to communicate offers to clients.

While this was effective in ages past, concern for the environment as well as communication costs demand a change in how businesses communicate with their clients. With everything going digital nowadays, the most effective way to reach a broader audience with your brand is to get digital signage. It is much cheaper than print for a number of reasons:

  1. Dynamism

Print is static. Once you print something out, the only way to change it is to print something else. With digital signage, you can get all the dynamism you need. For instance, some of the best digital menu boards have videos, flash animations and transitions that provide both information and entertainment for the clients. You can change product prices in a matter of minutes based on sales and you can even display your food items based on the weather as it changes or the time of day.


Broader audience


With print communications, you can only reach as many people as the number of print runs you can afford. With digital signage, you can reach to an unlimited number of people at the same or even a much lower cost that print.

Increased communication

Print is very slow (that’s why they call it snail mail). Feedback from clients about your products and services could take weeks and then the idea will have become old news in this fast-paced globe. Digital communication allows for immediate feedback from clients. This allows you to make prompt decisions on how to improve your brand. In restaurants, for instance, you can set up digital menu boards that double-up as customer satisfaction query points and you can tally responses as they come to see what you can fix immediately, something that is hard to do with print menus.

Cost effective

Print costs are on a steady rise due to increase costs of paper, printing and transportation. None of these costs applies to digital signage. The initial set up costs are likely the most you will have to pay for your digital signage and these could even be cheaper than printing based on your visual communication options.

So you see digital signage is not only great for the environment, but great for the business as well.

Richard Dawkins has been working in the digital advertising and signage industry for many years. You can now get the best digital menu boards that your money can buy for your business by clicking the link.