Ever looked at your electricity bill and thought, “how can it be that much?”. Even when you’re using the basic essentials your electricity is just waiting to bite you in the backside, fear not though for in this article I have some surprisingly good low tech options which will hopefully remedy most of your problems.


Office & Home Appliances

Are you sick of sitting in the office waiting for your co-worker to be done with the ONLY office shredder, because of the shortage of sockets in the room? Not a problem, simply equip your office with many small, medium or hand-cranked shredders.  When it comes to shredders they are one of the few machines that did not need to be made electrical.

I’m sure that most of us have at one time looked in the mirror and not been happy with our appearance and thought, let’s hit the gym. When you’re lifting weights, running on the treadmill or trying not to slip off the cycling machine all the energy you’re using up could be converted into electricity. Yep that’s right. What could be better than spending 15 minutes in the office gym pumping some iron or doing a bit of cardio while cooking your meal using the energy you’re burning off? No waiting around for the ping or for your kettle to boil.


The most feared power outage is one at night. Sadly solar energy cannot be made effective in this situation so you will have to rely on Hydro and Wind power. Generally in the city your water is pumped electrically so even if a power outage happens they will have backup generators. This means you can utilize low tech equipment such as water motors/generators which can be attached to any indoor sink tap or outdoor water tap and start generating electricity once your turn the water on. Just as a note, in certain developed countries you may have to pay water bills.

Generators can also make use of wind power. You don’t have to a monster turbine to help you out during a power outage, turbines called VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines) do not need strong winds to start generating electricity, and because they do not have a slowing effect in the air they can be packed together in close formations thus not taking up precious space. Unlike their giant cousin’s they are quiet and do not need to be pointed in the direction of the wind. Nor do they cost millions to repair if they break and that is very rare.

Home & Business Sized Energy Sources

What happens if you have nowhere to place solar panels on your roof and you don’t have enough land for a windmill? Well if you have any water features such as a pond you can employ some lily like tactics and buy floating solar panels which have a tracker array so they can change their tilt according to the sun. You can also get small VAWT’s mentioned earlier. They do not have to come in big sizes some are the size of a child, when sat in the middle of your garden these low tech products not only produce a handy stream of electricity but they can also act as an interesting garden feature.

All type of energy that is fed into the tariff whether it is solar, wind, and hydro will reduce energy bills and if enough is fed into the meter they can generate money for the company or home owner which is always a good thing.

Aaron Robertson uses natural energy such as hydro and wind power to power his home. For more information on renewable energy visit AmberGreen Energy.