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How to be inspired 101

6:00 am is an awful time to have to get up. Quite frankly, it's one of the reasons, I haven't attended Sustainable Atlanta Round Table hosted by Southface. It's just too darn early. However, after receiving a personal invitation and knowing one of the student speakers, I dragged myself down to MARTA and made the trek to All Saints Episcopal Church on West Peachtree. Although I wasn’t awake, I was energized by the large crowd. With over 150 in attendance, SART (Sustainable Atlanta Round Table) is a group of diversified professionals and interested individuals all coming to learn, share and network on sustainable issues.


It's not just's repurposing

I spent about two hours the other day with Karen Raymer and Sarah Boardman of Waldenour. Karen used a term that really struck home with me...repurpose.

Not just use until you can't use it anymore but find something else to do with it besides tossing it into the waste stream until it's really ready to be in the waste stream. In my head (I spend at lot of time talking to myself) I can hear a chorus of but wait a minutes out there. Not everything is for everyone that I am about to discuss. Just do what you can do.


Crazy for Trash

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Governor’s news conference announcing his new Conserve Georgia initiative at Pratt Industries recycling plant located in East Point.

Am I crazy? Probably. As I stood there among piles and piles of trash, I kept thinking of the person who told me they didn't recycle because they heard everything simply got thrown away. The resounding answer is no. I was also excited. So excited that I was witnessing a revolutionary change in how we as Atlantans are turning our trash into resources.


16 Billion Reasons to go on an Oil Diet

Recently it was reported on an evening news program that 16 billion gallons of oil are used each year…not on cars…but on making plastic items.

It’s shocking and it’s bad, really bad. Collectively everyone needs to seriously recalibrate how they think about oil consumption. It seems like oil is hidden in everything. Candles that your burn, all that packaging surrounding products, cd cases, toothbrushes, shoes, shopping bags, drink bottles, toys, electronics and on and on and on…


New Green's Determinations

I hate New Year's resolutions. So in the spirit of the original intent of resolutions, I decided to make New Year's determinations. Last year, I determined that I would start carrying my own cloth bags shopping…especially to the grocery store. I had a bunch laying around the house from trade shows and giveaways. So I didn’t even have to buy any.


Full of Useless Information