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The Happy Mealification of Vacation Bible School

I am writing this article for two reasons: to share my concerns over current thinking by VBS companies/planners on the message we are teaching our kids about the environment and it’s relationship to God and to encourage concerned Christians to look at VBS in a new way. My intent is to offer critique on how we can do things better, not to take away from all those good intentioned people who pour their hearts and minds into educating the littlest in the flock about the love and goodness of God.

I have done VBS for at least four years now. Work prohibits my ability to be there the whole week so I offer my services as the chief Martha Stewart of Vacation Bible School sets. This year, my thoughts solidified on why this had become a chore for me instead of a joy. After all if you are going to do anything for the Church, you should do it with joy, right?


Dadgummit! Just implode the well

Okay so needless to say I am mad. Ticked! Dare I say…Beetle Bailey cussing angry? @#$@*%! And this makes me totally—un-unique. The BP Oil disaster is just uuuggghhhhh!!!!!! Thousands of people along the Gulf Coast who are directly affected and then many Americans indirectly affected are in line with me. Does that mean I am in good company? I think I am at least in concerned company.


My internal struggle with IKEA

I admit it I used to love IKEA. Today I discovered that the love affair had ended. I loved IKEA partly because I was an exchange student in Sweden my Junior year of high school. Going to IKEA brought back fond memories of words, tastes, smells and stuff. Stuff like cute little straw Christmas decorations and the hjãrtas (hearts) that are everywhere in Sweden and IKEA.


Earth Day Madness

Earth Day is here. Well almost. Let the craziness begin! We have been overwhelmed with the number of events and articles we have received. And that's great! But it does make me think wouldn't it be nice if all the events could be spread out just a bit?


Carbon comes to Atlanta

This past week was monumental for Atlanta. We had two of the leading minds on Carbon in the country, if not the world, speak separately and yet with the same voice. Who were they? Dr. Richard Sandor the Chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange and Jigar Shah the Chief Executive Director of the Carbon War Room, a non-profit started by Sir Richard Branson to help produce solutions for businesses who are interested in reducing their energy consumption specifically to save money. Yes, that’s right not to save the environment but to make businesses financially more sustainable. It just happens that the solutions help the environment too.


The Wild, Wild, West of Greeness!

I attended the Atlanta Green Communicators the other day and the conversation got a little off point when someone started kvetching about green certifications. The topic has come up several times since then. So guess who has an opinion?

The confusion? Just what is all this Green Certification stuff anyway? People outside the building industry think LEED is a certification on building products when it's not. It's a certification on building techniques. People think of GreenGuard here in Atlanta when you talk certification but GreenGuard although a scientifically third party verifier still does not have enough brand identity nationally to be recognized as a leader for green certification. Then there's Wal-Mart talking about the sustainability label and Home Depot does it's vetting program for products in it's line of Eco Options.


Full of Useless Information