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A solar response to recent blog by the GreenCurmudgeon

Carl Seville, a.k.a. the Green Curmudgeon, is an industry thought leader in the Green Built environment. (I am currently awaiting his text book that he just completed. So stay posted.) He posted a blog with the salacious title Why You Don't Need Solar Panels. Read his first, read my lengthy reply. You can read it here or there. What do you think? Log in with your Social Media account and let us know.


No one would question your depth of knowledge on a variety of issues particularly green building and this article is pragmatic and does put the focus where it needs to be when seriously thinking about one's own electric usage, which is energy efficiency first. That being said, I am going to have to seriously disagree with your stance that solar should only be used in developing countries. Let's look at the facts:


An open letter to the environmental non-profit community

Dear Environmental Non-profits:

Atlanta and Georgia has one of the most active environmental/sustainability communities in the Southeastern United States. Started three years ago, there was a Renaissance alongside the birthing of the Sustainability community. Why Renaissance with birthing? Georgia's environmental non-profits have been here for at least 40 years in one shape or another. The sustainable business community in all fairness is nascent. However when you combine those two groups, you have a robust voting block that cannot be denied.


Move Over Willy Wonka

Last month I was honored to attend a tour of the Suniva, Inc manufacturing plant in Norcross, Ga. Commissioner Kathie Gannon of DeKalb County Commission and creator of the DeKalb Green Commission which I am a member of, invited the commission to join her. There was a small group of us who attended. We were greeted at the plant and international research & development hub of Suniva with a small presentation and then the tour.

Okay so here is the declaimer, I might look like the middle aged mild mannered little lady but a kid at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory could not have been more excited than me to be touring the plant!


But you stopped…

A more mature friend recently sent me an e-mail about how the older generation knew how to recycle. They also knew how to save way before anyone of my generation did. It was one of those smug little diddies written by some person who was a child of the depression or a child whose parents had lived during the depression. Now, don’t get me wrong! I agree that more seasoned folks understood how to reduce, reuse and recycle and better yet knew how not to accumulate in the beginning, but somewhere along the way they, forgot. So needless to say I wasn’t necessarily impressed with its sentiment.


We are having the wrong conversation

My Sunday School class is awesome! They push me. They aren’t “green”. They are mostly quite a bit more seasoned in life than I am. This is the one place where I consistently get out of my “green” sandbox and into where most people are living their lives. At least in regards to issues of sustainability, environment and the now almost universally accepted dreaded term “green”. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the environment in general or that they aren’t open to my perspective. God bless them for that! It’s just not something that is on their radar on a daily basis like it is for me. My honest belief is that I am not fit for the general population anymore because I am so dang green!


Turkeys don’t need babysitters

Creative Commons License: I have to confess. I spend a lot of time with folks who think like me. You know the “I feel guilty if I don’t recycle, I will drive anywhere to pick my own organic fruit, if you leave that light on there will be dire consequences, carpool as much as you can then you don’t have to buy gas, save water shower with a friend” kind of people. So when in a group of, well, anyone else, I can be a pain and can get quite frustrated with my inability to explain why some things are so important.


Full of Useless Information