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Climate Exchanges - a missed opportunity

Good Derivatives - a tale of missed opportunity both financially and environmentally

Purchase Now - Good DerivativesI was asked to read Good Derivatives about 18 months ago to provide a review. Well I may be late but I will eventually get to what I am asked to do even if everyone gives up on me by the time I do it.

I recently finished the book and was struck by the fascinating, exciting and yet so disappointing rise and fall of the Chicago Climate Exchange which this book explores in great detail.


How I saved 66% on my electric bill during the summer

Save money on your electric billLet’s start off with some transparency. As much as I consider myself environmentally aware, I am by no way perfect. No where near. However, I also understand it’s all about, as my friend Betsy likes to say, Progress not Perfection. As I look over my life in the last five years and the simple changes I've made, it’s truly amazing how much my lifestyle has changed. I have learned so much because of Southeast Green’s mission.


EVs are not UFOs

I recently had the pleasure of attending a legislative hearing on the subject of electric vehicles a.k.a. EVs at the Georgia State Capitol. Unfortunately, I got there a little late. Although most of what I heard presented was not new to me, it's always interesting for the tech geek that I am to hear what's happening with new technology. I did get there in time for the questions from the legislative panel. I have to say that as I smugly sat there and accused the elected officials as ignorant and tweeting away that the real ignoramus was me.

I stay so entrenched in sustainability stuff that I have lost perspective on how little the general public still understands about everything I am intimate with. So here are some answers for those of you who might not be aware of the next wave of technological sustainability…EVs.


A solar response to recent blog by the GreenCurmudgeon

Carl Seville, a.k.a. the Green Curmudgeon, is an industry thought leader in the Green Built environment. (I am currently awaiting his text book that he just completed. So stay posted.) He posted a blog with the salacious title Why You Don't Need Solar Panels. Read his first, read my lengthy reply. You can read it here or there. What do you think? Log in with your Social Media account and let us know.


No one would question your depth of knowledge on a variety of issues particularly green building and this article is pragmatic and does put the focus where it needs to be when seriously thinking about one's own electric usage, which is energy efficiency first. That being said, I am going to have to seriously disagree with your stance that solar should only be used in developing countries. Let's look at the facts:


An open letter to the environmental non-profit community

Dear Environmental Non-profits:

Atlanta and Georgia has one of the most active environmental/sustainability communities in the Southeastern United States. Started three years ago, there was a Renaissance alongside the birthing of the Sustainability community. Why Renaissance with birthing? Georgia's environmental non-profits have been here for at least 40 years in one shape or another. The sustainable business community in all fairness is nascent. However when you combine those two groups, you have a robust voting block that cannot be denied.


Full of Useless Information