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3 Ways to Make Your Office Paperless

3 Ways to Make Your Office PaperlessBecause technology is constantly emerging and evolving, business owners have endless options to effectively run their businesses with tools that cut costs, increase productivity and help save the environment by eliminating paper waste. Here are three ways you can to create a paperless office.


Vital Tips on Green Printing for Reducing Carbon Footprint

Printing can easily be regarded as one of the major environmental impacts related to everyday office operations. However, the good news is that, tackling this sort of impact is extremely easy and will lead to major cost savings and instant environmental benefits. You need to keep in mind that printing is said to have three key environmental impacts. They include paper on which printing is done, the toner and the ink used while printing and the energy that is being used up by the printer during the printing process. Here are some practical and effective green printing tips.


Budget and Eco-Friendly Adjustments Companies Can Make For 2015

You might have heard about the Energy Department’s recent decision to set aside funds to help improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. It’s great that they want to get involved and to encourage companies to “green up” their operations and facilities. The government, though, can’t do everything.

Not every company that wants a reduction in it’s carbon footprint is going to get a grant from the government to help that happen. That does not mean, though, that you shouldn’t still make eco-friendly changes if you can afford to do so, especially since most of those environmentally friendly changes aren’t all that expensive...when you factor in the amount of money you’ll save on your utilities and supplies over the long term.


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