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Heartland Institute Experts React to Trump Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

President Donald Trump announced the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, which committed the country to cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at least 26 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. The Heartland Institute has been opposing this global accord since hosting a counter-conference at COP-21 in Paris in December 2015, when it was negotiated.


Bloomberg commits to $15 million to fill the climate budget gap

National Geographic documentary FROM THE ASHES – supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies – has further proof that even conservative cities and states are also defying Trump’s edict.  Featured in the documentary is Dale Ross, the Mayor of Georgetown, Texas, who admits “it’s the reddest of cities, in the reddest of states…but we put national politics aside to do our best for the people we’re elected to serve”.   The city is on track, this year, to be at 100% renewable energy and will be the largest city in the US to do so.  Exclusive clip here


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