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Electric-vehicle charging stations could be cure for boring highway rest stops

Limitations on commercial activity at federal highway rest stops have rendered them dreary and unappealing. Meanwhile, electric vehicles have been hampered by a lack of infrastructure, like widespread charging stations. In a new policy short, R Street Energy Policy Director Josiah Neeley ties these two issues together, proposing to lift limits on commercial activities at rest stops that install charging stations.


GMOs Increase World Hunger: Andrew Kimbrell to Address Friedman Felllows Symposium

Sat. April 22, 6:30-9:30 pm, Hilton Chicago International Ballroom, 720 S Michigan Ave.

Internationally recognized public interest attorney Andrew Kimbrell, founder and executive Director of the Center for Food Safety and an outspoken advocate of sustainable, organic farming, will deliver the plenary address, “A NEW FOOD FUTURE: Organic, GMOs and Beyond” at the Friedman Fellows Symposium at the American Society of Nutrition's Experimental Biology Scientific Sessions in Chicago on Saturday, April 22.


Secretary Zinke accepts President Trump’s first-quarter presidential salary as donation for National Park Service

$78,333 to be put towards maintenance of historic battlefields

President Donald J. Trump donated his first quarter salary to the National Parks Service (NPS) to help fund the maintenance backlog in America’s historic battlefields. The donation, totaling $78,333, was accepted by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Superintendent Tyrone Brandyburg at the daily White House Press briefing.


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