Green For All kicked off its “A Future To Fight For” art contest today, welcoming artists and creatives to speak out for environmental justice with their art. The contest is part of a broader effort to protect the Environmental Protection Agency from harmful cuts and to engage more families in the fight to address the detrimental effects of climate change.


As Congress considers deep cuts proposed by Donald Trump to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, Green For All is asking America to imagine a greener and healthier future.

“We already know that this administration is actively working to undermine the EPA, cutting 30 percent of its budget and laying off thousands of workers in the process,” said Vien Truong, director of Green For All. “Our fight isn’t just about stopping pollution, this is about saving our families’ lives. We stand ready to fight back and it starts with this art contest. By imagining what a sustainable future should look like for families, we will build the momentum it takes to get there.”

The Trump Administration’s proposed 2018 budget eliminates 30 percent of the EPA’s funding -- an amount greater than any agency -- shuttering 50 agency programs and eliminating 3,200 of the agency’s 15,000 jobs. It further endangers our children, ravaging the Land and Water Conservation Fund by 80 percent. Worse, these cuts ignore the will of the people -- 61 percent of voters disapprove of how his administration is handling the environment. Another 72 percent say it would be a "bad idea" to cut funding for climate change research and education.

Participants in the “A Future to Fight For” art contest can submit artwork outlining what a green economy looks like or sharing why environmental justice matters to them and their community. Contestants have until August 1, 2017 at noon Pacific Standard Time to submit their artwork. Prizes include a $250 gift card, WE RISE tour tickets to see Van Jones, a poster of their artwork and other eco-friendly prizes.


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